Peruvian Man sues Anesthesiologist for Medical Malpractice

Enrique Milla, a former Florida resident is suing his former anesthesiologist Dr. Boeru, for ignoring pre-existing conditions when consenting to a surgery that resulted in Milla losing his genitalia.

Dr. Boeru cleared Milla for an elective penile implant surgery to relieve erectile dysfunction in August 2007. Although the patient had a history of an extreme case of diabetes and high blood pressure, Dr. Boeru cleared him for surgery. Milla’s attorney, Spencer Aronfeld, argues that the patient’s dangerously high blood sugar on the day of the surgery should have immediately caused Dr. Boeru to disqualify him for the surgery. Aronfeld defends his client by stating Dr. Boeru was clearly acting for monetary gain and did not sufficiently evaluate the physiological risks to the patient in regards to the procedure that day.

As an alleged result of Dr. Boeru’s negligence, the patient developed a severe case of gangrene. Due to the extreme infection Milla’s penis was amputated. Milla’s attorney defends that his client has been left with humiliation and that his day-to-day life has been severely and irreparably altered citing that he can no longer urinate normal and can no longer engage in intercourse with his wife.

Dr. Boeru’s defense argues that his actions were simply clearing Milla for surgery and administering anesthesia, he was not directly involved as a surgeon on the case. Further, they state that his actions prior to the surgery do not make him responsible for Milla’s surgery or post-operation care, which may have resulted in the gangrene infection and subsequent amputation.

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