Woman Sues Belmont Pet Resort After Pit Bull Attack

To many people, their pets are not just animals, but part of their family. When their pet is injured by a negligent pet boarding center, these pet owners do just what a parent would do if their child was injured by negligence …. they sue.

Louie, a two-year-old French bulldog, was dropped off by his owner at a local kennel back in April while the owner took care of business for the day. According to Louie’s owner, Cynthia Tucker, the Belmont Pet Resort and Daycare told her Louie would be placed with other small, friendly dogs. Louie, however, was placed with an assortment of dogs, which included a pit bull. Unfortunately, the pit bull attacked Louie, and, according to Tucker’s lawsuit, ripped Louie’s left eye from his socket and injured his right eye as well. According to Tucker’s suit, the kennel referred to the attack as a “nip”.

The boarding center is being sued by Tucker for being “outrageous and grossly negligent” in placing her dog in a pen with a pit bull, and the lawsuit also states that the kennel acted “in direct disregard of the most basic standards of common sense and reasonable care”. The owner of the kennel, veterinarian Mark Crootof, states that actually Tucker’s dog was the aggressor and attacked the pit bull in the incident. “Everyone likes to jump on the pit bull issue,” said Crootof. “But we try very hard to make sure that we never have any problems.”

Pit bulls are known for their spontaneous attacks, and according to the lawsuit, the pet resort should have known this and separated the pit bull from the other dogs. Tucker states that before the attack, Louie was a “healthy, vigorous” pet, but now his left eye socket is sewn shut and his right eye is impaired. She is seeking an unspecified amount of damages, which most undoubtedly will total thousands of dollars for Louie’s care, according to her lawyer, Frank Hunger.

Nashville bans pit bulls and dogs that have the characteristics of pit bulls from city’s dog parks as they are considered dangerous dogs.

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