Dangerous Road in Hendersonville Draws Concern from Local Residents

Posted in Car Accident,Negligence,Personal Injury,Tennessee Accident Law on October 22, 2015

Dangerous Road in Hendersonville Draws Concern from Local Residents

A winding road in Hendersonville, Tennessee, is the site of at least one crash every six months, according to police data, and residents of the area are asking city officials to look into ways to make the road safer for drivers.

According to a report by wkrn.com, the road—Hickory Heights Drive—is located between Walton Ferry Drive and Lakeside Park Drive. The most recent crash on the roadway occurred on Saturday, Oct. 18, when a driver missed the curve and struck a culvert, sending the vehicle airborne into a tree before it landed upside down.

The driver survived the accident, and residents near the crash scene say that crashes on that stretch of road are too common. Residents of the neighborhood went on to say that a deceptive curve is difficult for drivers to see—especially if they’re speeding—and that installing reflectors, street lights, and a blinking speed limit sign may be able to help draw attention to the dangerous curve.

A neighborhood representative says that there are plans to install reflectors on the road by Thanksgiving, and that he will look into additional options for making the road safer for drivers.

What Makes Some Roads More Dangerous than Others?

Not all roads are created equal when it comes to protecting the safety of drivers and their passengers. In fact, some roads in Middle Tennessee have multiple hazards that can significantly increase your risk of being involved in a car accident. Some of the most common risk factors on dangerous roads include things like:

  • Blind intersections due to nearby buildings or overgrown foliage

Being able to clearly see traffic in both directions is vital when you’re stopped at an intersection, but buildings or foliage nearby can sometimes make it impossible to get a clear view. In many cases, drivers who are stopped at these intersections have to make blind turns or pull their vehicle dangerously close to the path of oncoming traffic just to get a glimpse of when it’s safe to leave the intersection.

  • Narrow stretches of road near curves

Severe curves in the road are already dangerous on their own, but many roadways are also too narrow in the same location, making it difficult for two vehicles to pass through the area at the same time. Drivers who are speeding or who pass into the other lane of traffic may cause a serious accident or run other vehicles off the road.

  • Loose asphalt or large potholes

In order for a road to be safe, it should be a solid surface that vehicle tires can easily grip and have no major structural issues. Over time, roads break down and the asphalt can become loose, reducing the amount of traction available for vehicles. Large cracks or damage to asphalt can also eventually turn into potholes, which can cause serious damage to vehicles and cause drivers to swerve to miss them, putting them at risk of losing control of their vehicles.

  • Poor drainage or storm runoff design

Everyone knows that roads are more dangerous during and immediately after rain storms, but some roads are more dangerous than others due to their tendency to collect large amounts of water. Roads that don’t have proper drainage or water runoff designs can accumulate several inches of water in a short time period, which can lead to drivers losing control of their vehicles.

The Hendersonville auto accident attorneys at Matt Hardin Law know that too many car accidents have contributing factors caused by poor road conditions. That’s why we urge all drivers to exercise extreme caution when driving on roadways that need repairs, widening, or additional safety features. In addition, we also recommend that drivers and residents make their city council members or neighborhood representatives aware of any issues before more accidents occur.

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