2 Accidents Reported in Nashville on Tuesday

Posted in Car Accident,Personal Injury,Tennessee Accident Law on November 24, 2015

2 Accidents Reported in Nashville on Tuesday

Nashville police responded to two separate accidents in Davidson County late around midnight and early Tuesday morning.

According to a report by wkrn.com, the first accident occurred in the Whites Creek area of Nashville around midnight on Monday. A witness to the accident told police that the driver of a Toyota 4Runner ran off the road on Stenberg Road near Clarksville Pike and Briley Parkway.

The driver managed to escape the wreckage and got into a nearby vehicle and left the accident scene. Police are still looking for the driver of the 4Runner as they investigate the accident.

The Tennessean reports that the second accident occurred just before 8 a.m. Tuesday morning when multiple vehicles were involved in an accident on Interstate 24 West in Nashville at mile marker 58 near Antioch Park. The Tennessee Department of Transportation said that the accident blocked one lane of traffic, causing delays for morning commuters.

Police were able to clear the accident scene after around one hour and traffic is moving smoothly again. Eastbound traffic on I-24 wasn’t affected by the accident.

How Can You Protect Your Health and Your Rights after an Auto Accident?

The minutes and hours after a car accident is a critical time period. Your future can dramatically change depending on the actions you take and the decisions you make during this short window. If you or a loved one are involved in an accident in the future, the following tips can help protect both your health and your rights to pursue compensation and avoid legal trouble:

  • Call 911 and get medical attention right away.

If you were involved in an accident that also involved another vehicle or another person, or if it caused damage to someone else’s property, you are required by law to report the accident to police. Calling 911 is the simplest way to accomplish that, as a police officer will be dispatched to the accident scene and he or she can file a police report. In addition, you can also receive treatment from paramedics if you suffered injuries as a result of the accident.

  • Don’t admit fault for the accident at any point.

Car accidents can be confusing, and it’s not uncommon for people who experienced them to have differing accounts on what happened. Even if you think you may have caused the accident, it’s important to never admit that to the police, witnesses, or the other driver. Many car accident victims claim responsibility for car accidents, but are later found to be innocent due to evidence surfacing, such as traffic camera footage or accident reconstruction data. IN addition, admitting fault can jeopardize your chances of receiving compensation.

  • Never leave the accident scene until police tell you it’s okay to do so.

Leaving the scene of an accident before police arrive is a crime in Tennessee, and if the crash involved injuries, you can face severe punishments, including mandatory jail time. Never leave the scene until police officers have filed an accident report, and always ask officers at the scene when you are allowed to leave.

  • Avoid talking about the accident with friends or coworkers.

After your accident, you may be tempted to share the details with your friends or coworkers in person or via social media. It’s important to avoid doing this, as insurance adjusters can use the information you share against you in order to reduce or deny your rights to compensation.

Although having an experienced Nashville auto accident attorney on your side after your car crash can make a huge difference in your chances of receiving full compensation, your best ally during the immediate aftermath of a collision is you. By following these steps, you can not only reduce your risk of suffering health complications, but you can also avoid legal trouble and maximize your opportunity to get the money you deserve.

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