2 Fatal Rollover Accidents Reported on Nashville Interstates Last Week

Posted in Car Accident,Tennessee Accident Law on August 6, 2016

2 Fatal Rollover Accidents Reported on Nashville Interstates This Week

Two drivers were fatally injured after being involved in rollover accidents on interstates in Nashville last week.

According to a report by WKRN.com, the first occurred in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 40 just after 4 a.m. last Wednesday morning. Police say that the driver—a 20-year-old male—was traveling on I-40 East in west Nashville near the White Bridge Road exit when he lost control of his 2004 Ford Explorer.

The vehicle initially exited the right side of the interstate before the driver corrected and re-entered the roadway. However, he then lost control of the vehicle, causing it to roll. The driver was ejected while the vehicle rolled. He was transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center to receive treatment for his injuries and pronounced dead at the hospital.

Police believe alcohol may have played a role in the crash.

A second rollover accident was reported at around 7 p.m. on Interstate 65 North in Nashville last Thursday evening.

Witnesses told officers with Metro Nashville Police that the driver—a 40-year-old Nashville man—lost control of his 1991 GMC Sonoma around mile marker 88.

The truck veered across multiple lanes of traffic before it hit an embankment and then rolled over several times before coming to a stop.

The driver was ejected from the vehicle during the crash.

What Are the Different Types of Rollover Accidents?

Almost all drivers are aware of the danger of rollover accidents, but many may be unaware that there are multiple types of rollover accidents. While the causes of rollover accidents are common for almost all types of those crashes—including things like driving high-center of gravity vehicles, speeding, and driving while impaired—knowing that there are multiple varieties of rollover accidents can help drivers avoid them.

According to a report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are four types of rollover accidents and two major categories: tripped and un-tripped. NHTSA data shows that 95 percent of rollover accidents are categorized as tripped rollovers, and those include the following:

  • Soft soil rollovers

These rollover accidents occur when a vehicle veers off to the right side of the roadway into the grass or dirt, and then the driver attempts to correct by steering sharply back to the left. The sudden steering motion causes the vehicle’s tires to dig deeply into the soft soil, resulting in instability and the vehicle rolling.

  • Guardrail rollovers

Rollover accidents involving guardrails occur when a driver veers off to the right side of the road and nearly collides head-on with a guardrail. However, they are unable to avoid the guardrail completely, causing their vehicle to ride up the guardrail like a ramp, ultimately resulting in a rollover accident.

  • Steep slope rollovers

Slopes represent rollover hazards for all types of vehicles, but trucks and SUVs with high centers of gravity are the most at risk. These types of crashes occur when a driver makes a sharp turn while angled on a slope or hill, causing the vehicle’s center of gravity to become unstable. New technology like electronic stability control helps prevent these types of accidents.

  • Un-Tripped Rollovers

As the name suggests, un-tripped rollovers aren’t due to any changes in elevation or terrain. Instead, they are due to vehicles experiencing sudden shifts in weight and momentum due to quick evasive maneuvers. This commonly occurs when a truck or SUV is quickly steered to the left or right to avoid another vehicle or debris in the road, which causes the vehicle to become unstable and roll onto its side or roof.

Although around 85 percent of rollover accidents are single-vehicle crashes, the Nashville auto accident attorneys at Matt Hardin Law know that many of these types of accidents are due to the negligence of other drivers. Many serious collisions and high-speed impacts can result in rollovers, and drivers who are forced to engage in evasive maneuvers due to someone else’s reckless driving are also at risk of rollover accidents.

If you or someone you love was involved in a rollover accident caused by a careless driver, our legal team wants to speak with you today. We know that you may be facing an uncertain future due to injuries that prevent you from working and expensive medical bills that you can’t pay. At our law firm, we believe that innocent victims should never have to pay out of pocket for someone else’s mistake.

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