Car Accident Kills Tennessee Woman, Puts Child in Critical Condition

According to a report released by the Tennessee Highway Patrol, 21-year-old Danielle Janette Ivanchuk, of Wildwood, was killed in a car accident on Wednesday in Christina, TN.

The driver, her husband Andrew, was taken to a local Nashville hospital and treated for serious injuries, being released a while later. Their daughter, 3-month-old Veralyn, was also in the vehicle at the time, and was airlifted to the same Nashville hospital, where she remains in critical condition.

Initial reports indicated that the child had died as a result of the accident, but officials at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center said that those reports are incorrect. Officials would not comment further on the child’s condition, other than to say that the child did not perish and remains in critical condition, as privacy laws would not allow them to say anything more.

The accident occurred when the 1999 Audi, driven by Andrew, drifted across to the left side of the road when Andrew fell asleep at the wheel. He then was startled awake, accidentally over corrected to the right, and sent the car across 2 lanes of traffic and off the highway entirely. The car proceeded to hit several trees, coming to a rest a short while later.

According to Tennessee Highway Patrol Sgt. Rick Woodard, at this time it is not believed that alcohol or drugs played any role in the accident whatsoever. Veralyn was restrained in her car seat properly, but neither Andrew nor Danielle was wearing their safety belt.

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