39 Crashes Reported in Hamilton County Monday Morning

Posted in Car Accident,Negligence,Personal Injury,Tennessee Accident Law on November 2, 2015

39 Crashes Reported in Hamilton County Monday Morning

A total of 39 accidents were reported in and around Chattanooga on Monday morning, keeping emergency responders busy and delaying traffic throughout the area.

According to a report by wrcbtv.com, the crashes were due to rain. The Tennessee Highway Patrol reports that Bradley County’s number of fatal accidents has doubled from eight in 2014 to 16 in 2015. The most dangerous stretch of road in this area is a stretch of Interstate 75 between mile markers 22 and 34, where four fatal accidents took place in 2015 so far.

A spokesperson with the THP says that many of the accidents in Tennessee are caused by driver error and poor driving behaviors such as not paying attention, following too closely—especially in bad weather conditions—and driving while distracted.

Hamilton County’s number of fatal accidents declined from 2014, with 40 fatal crashes reported through the same time in 2014 and only 33 in 2015. However, the Chattanooga area has a stretch of roadway with a high number of accidents as well—the I-24/27 split. Two fatal accidents occurred at that split in 2015 so far.

Why Are Accidents More Likely to Occur on Certain Roads?

Although road crews throughout Tennessee work hard to keep all streets, highways, and interstates safe for drivers, there are always certain roads where accidents have a higher likelihood of occurring. Simply avoiding those roads is generally the best option—especially during bad weather—but that’s not always possible. One of the best ways to keep yourself and your family safe when traveling on these roads is to understand the factors that make accidents more likely to occur.

  • Poor drainage systems cause water to pool and reduce tire traction

Rain is a major contributing factor for car accidents, as it significantly increases braking distance and reduces the level of traction that tires get achieve on the road. Water accumulation can be mitigated with proper drainage systems located in areas that are prone to flooding or pooling water, but many roads either aren’t equipped with these systems or the systems have failed due to years of neglect.

  • Drivers are more likely to speed or drive recklessly on certain roads

Many roads throughout Tennessee, especially highways and interstates in rural and residential areas, see their fair share of drivers who exceed the speed limit and engage in other dangerous behaviors like texting while driving, not stopping at stop signs, following too closely, and passing other vehicles in area where it’s illegal to do so.

  • Blind turns or narrow lanes

Curvy roads can be a hazard due to the chance that drivers will lose control of their vehicles while navigating a turn. But those hazards can be magnified when the turn makes it difficult to see oncoming traffic or if the lanes are narrow, making it difficult for two vehicles to pass each other with ample room in between.

At Matt Hardin Law, our Nashville auto accident attorneys know that driver error due to carelessness and negligence is the biggest factor in most car accidents, but those errors can sometimes be compounded due to poor road conditions. That’s why it’s vital for drivers to always account for potential hazards on the roadway and be extra alert and cautious when driving in areas where accidents are known to occur with higher than normal frequency.

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