4 Steps to Take After an Auto Accident

Posted in Car Accident on May 15, 2019

The aftermath of a car crash can be a confusing and disorienting time. You may have suffered serious injuries, you may be in shock, and you may be unsure of what to do next. At Matt Hardin Law, our Nashville auto accident lawyers know what you’re going through, and we want to help.

The minutes, hours, and days after a crash are critical for your recovery and protecting your rights to compensation. It’s important to take the right steps during this time to improve your chances of making a full recovery and getting every penny you deserve for your accident-related expenses.

Four essential steps that all auto accident victims should take after crashes include:

  1. Get medical attention—It’s important to get treated by a doctor or other healthcare professional immediately after the accident. If you suffered serious injuries, wait for emergency responders to arrive at the scene. They’ll treat you for your injuries and transport you to a hospital where you can receive more intensive care. If you don’t go to the hospital in an ambulance, make arrangements to visit a healthcare facility as soon as possible. In addition to creating an official record of your accident-related injuries, you’ll also receive treatment for both your visible and possible internal injuries.
  2. Document the crash—If you’re able to do so, document as much as possible about the crash before leaving the accident scene. Take pictures of your vehicle and other vehicles that were involved in the crash, exchange contact information with the other driver and witnesses, and cooperate with the responding police officers. Later, write down what happened as closely as you can remember it. It can be difficult to recall the events leading up to your crash days or weeks later, and recording those details soon after can serve as evidence for your claim. Finally, notify your insurance provider of the crash, as your policy may require notification after accidents.
  3. Call a lawyer—Getting full compensation after an auto accident isn’t always easy. Successful claims require time and evidence, and the sooner you contact an experienced auto accident attorney, the better. When you call our office, we’ll get to work for you and your loved ones right away by collecting evidence that proves you weren’t at fault, determining how much money you’re owed, and negotiating with the insurance company to get you maximum compensation. In addition, we’ll also handle all correspondence with insurance adjusters while you focus on getting better.
  4. Be cautious when discussing the accident and your injuries—Insurance companies want to pay victims as little as possible after accidents, and that includes denying their claims altogether. While we’re building your claim, the insurance company will still be working hard to protect its profits. Insurance adjusters count on victims making mistakes after their accidents by admitting fault to others or by posting statements and pictures on social media that may contradict the official accident and injury reports. To protect yourself and your claim, avoid posting about your accident on social media and discuss your claim and your injuries only with close family members, your doctors, and your lawyer until your case concludes.

Get a Lawyer and Get the Peace of Mind You Deserve

At Matt Hardin Law, we know that you have enough on your mind already. You suffered serious injuries, and your biggest priority is recovering and getting back to work. You shouldn’t have to worry about the insurance company scheming against you and reducing or denying your claim due to unforeseen mistakes. That’s why we’re here to help you through the legal process every step of the way.

Our attorneys have helped innocent victims like you for decades in Nashville and throughout Middle Tennessee, and we know what it takes to win. Let us put our experience and track record of success to work for you and your loved ones. Contact us today at (615) 200-1111 for a free consultation.