Additional Patrols Planned to Address Traffic Congestion and Impaired Drivers

Posted in Car Accident,Tennessee Accident Law on January 1, 2017

Additional Patrols Planned to Address Traffic Congestion and Impaired Drivers

The Tennessee Highway Patrol will increase the number of troopers on the state’s highways and interstates over the holiday weekend to ease congestion, respond to incidents, and apprehend drunk, impaired, and intoxicated drivers.

WKRN.com reports that the patrols are designed to put safety first, and that drivers should be prepared to see an increased presence as they make their way throughout the state. Nine people died in drunk driving-related crashes in 2014 over the New Year’s holiday, and 16 died in 2013 during the same timeframe.

A spokesperson with the THP says that drivers can improve their safety over the holiday by planning their nights and being responsible for their actions. He added that people who are planning on attending parties should appoint designated drivers before they leave their homes to avoid getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.

Finally, he said that drivers should be prepared to experience potential delays regardless of their holiday plans if they’re going to be on highways and interstates. Because of that, he recommends leaving early and to always buckle up and avoid distractions while behind the wheel.

What Are Common Reasons that Law Enforcement Officers Pull Vehicles Over?

Whether it’s a state trooper, a county sheriff’s deputy, or a city police officer, law enforcement is tasked with keeping people safe—and that means patrolling roadways and ticketing or stopping drivers who are violating traffic laws. When an officer is behind the wheel of his vehicle, he may initiate a traffic stop if he sees a few tell-tale signs, including:

  • Speeding violations

Speeding is one of the most common causes of car accidents that lead to serious injuries and deaths. When drivers exceed the speed limit, they put themselves and others at risk. To reduce these risks, officers patrol roadways and keep a constant vigilance on the speeds of the vehicles around them. Whether they’re using a radar gun, clocking a vehicle’s speed with their own patrol car, or simply witnessing the vehicle’s speed with their own eyes, officers are quick to initiate stops when drivers exceed posted speed limits.

  • Stop sign, yield sign, and traffic light violations

Roadways would be chaotic if traffic signs and signals didn’t exist to create an orderly flow of vehicles. Some drivers fail to observe traffic signs and signals and speed right through them, while others may simply roll through an intersection. Drivers who run red lights, roll through or fail to come to a complete stop at stop signs, or ignore yield signs have an extremely high chance of getting pulled over when law enforcement officers are nearby.

  • Headlight, brake light, tint, or turn signal violations

When the sun sets, police expect all drivers to have their headlights on. If they don’t, they’re likely to get pulled over and receive a ticket. The same is true for drivers who are cruising around town with burnt out brake lights and turn signals. In addition, some drivers may get pulled over if their window tint is too dark—which can be a safety hazard for police in the event of a traffic stop. The legal limit for window tint in Tennessee is tint that allows at least 35 percent of light into the vehicle.

Other common reasons include things like seat belt violations, texting while driving, following other vehicles too closely, failure to maintain a lane, and even reckless driving. Driving a vehicle is an important privilege, and while it’s a necessary part of life for many people, it’s also something that should never be taken lightly. An auto accident can cause drivers and passengers to suffer debilitating, life-changing, and even life-threatening injuries.

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