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Tennessee Court of Appeals Opinion Explains How to Allocate Responsibility in Negligence Cases

Posted in Uncategorized on March 31, 2014

While it is true that some accidents are black and white when it comes to determining who is at fault, most lie somewhere in a gray area. For this reason, the courts of Tennessee have adopted a system that allows jurors to determine the fault of each party and assign that party a fair share… read more

St. Thomas Neurosurgery Clinic Shuts Down After Meningitis Outbreak

Posted in Uncategorized on October 4, 2012

After eleven patients contracted a rare form of meningitis after undergoing epidurals at St. Thomas Neurosurgery Clinic, the clinic, according to the Tennessee Department of Health (TDH), was shut down. Two patients who contracted the fungal meningitis at the clinic have died. These eleven patients, who ranged from ages 40 to 80, received the epidural… read more

In the News: Petition for Regulating Attorney Advertising

Posted in Uncategorized on October 1, 2012

As reported in the newsletter of the Tennessee Bar Association, our petition to the Tennessee Supreme Court is in the news. The Article in the Nashville Business Journal, entitled “Attorney advertisements: How far is too far?” recaps the issues raised in our petition to the court. You can read more about that petition, and the… read more

TN Children’s Services Faulted in Providing Kids Data

Posted in Uncategorized on September 11, 2012

The agency in charge of protecting children in state custody has not provided data requested by the Tennessean and by Representative Sherry Jones. Rep. Jones has been waiting more than two months for the Department of Children’s Services (DCS) to provide data on not only how many children in state custody have died this year,… read more

Woman Sues Belmont Pet Resort After Pit Bull Attack

Posted in Uncategorized on September 8, 2012

To many people, their pets are not just animals, but part of their family. When their pet is injured by a negligent pet boarding center, these pet owners do just what a parent would do if their child was injured by negligence …. they sue. Louie, a two-year-old French bulldog, was dropped off by his… read more

Tubing Accident Claims 2 Chicago Residents’ Lives

Posted in Uncategorized on August 18, 2012

A tragic case in the news recently serves as an example of how quickly celebrations can turn to mourning, and also serves as an example of just how dangerous aquatic activities can be. According to police reports, 2 men who were visiting from Chicago were involved in a tubing accident, which cost them both their… read more

Lawsuits filed against New Hampshire Hospital for Hep C Outbreak

Posted in Uncategorized on June 23, 2012

Several plaintiffs filed a class-action lawsuit, in addition to many individual lawsuits, against Exeter Hospital in New Hampshire in regards to a hepatitis C outbreak. The plaintiffs are claiming the hospital is liable for medical negligence that caused extreme emotional distress as a result of being infected by hepatitis C, a blood-borne disease. The plaintiffs,… read more

Medical Center Loses Malpractice Suit

Posted in Uncategorized on May 22, 2012

A jury finds for the plaintiff in a medical malpractice suit in Alabama. In July 2007, breast cancer survivor, Kathryn Coiro visited Trinity Medical Center to have a complex cyst biopsied from her left breast. In accordance with the Joint Commission Universal Protocol on marking for surgical sites, a doctor should have marked the site… read more

Peruvian Man sues Anesthesiologist for Medical Malpractice

Posted in Uncategorized on May 19, 2012

Enrique Milla, a former Florida resident is suing his former anesthesiologist Dr. Boeru, for ignoring pre-existing conditions when consenting to a surgery that resulted in Milla losing his genitalia. Dr. Boeru cleared Milla for an elective penile implant surgery to relieve erectile dysfunction in August 2007. Although the patient had a history of an extreme… read more