Clarksville Police Urge Drivers to Be Cautious with Children Returning to School

Posted in Car Accident,Negligence,Pedestrian Accident,Personal Injury,Tennessee Accident Law on August 10, 2015

Clarksville Police Urge Drivers to Be Cautious with Children Returning to School

Police in Clarksville, Tennessee, want drivers to be cognizant of the fact that school is almost back in session in Montgomery County and that everyone should be fully alert and cautious near school zones, bus stops, and crosswalks.

Schools in Clarksville and Montgomery County will have a half-day of class on Wednesday, Aug. 12, with students returning for full days on Thursday, Aug. 13.

Clarksville police stress the importance of drivers understanding and following rules for things like meeting school buses on the roadway, overtaking school buses, and what to do when a school bus flashes its warning lights.

In addition, drivers should always exercise added caution when driving near schools and walkways, as children often use these areas to walk to school. Police recommend that parents teach their children to always walk on sidewalks and crosswalks—never in the roadway—and to wear bright and reflective clothing, especially if they’re walking early in the morning or in the evening when visibility is reduced.

Matt Hardin Law’s team of Clarksville car accident attorneys hopes drivers slow down and do everything in their power to reduce the risk of pedestrian accidents in neighborhoods and school zones throughout Montgomery County.

Keeping Your Children Safe When They Go Back to School

In Middle Tennessee, August represents the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year for children throughout the region. As a parent, your top priority is making sure your children start the new school year on the right foot. In addition to getting off to a strong start academically, it’s also important to use this time to educate your children on the importance of safety when using the bus, walking to or from class, or crossing the street.

To reduce your child’s risks during the school year, review these safety tips:

  • Make sure your child understands bus safety rules.

Many children in Clarksville get to and from school on buses. To help your child stay as safe as possible on the bus, make sure he or she knows to always stay seated when the bus in motion, to never cross the street in front of the bus, and to avoid distracting the bus driver.

  • Teach your child crosswalk rules.

If your child walks to school, it’s important that he or she knows how to properly use crosswalks. Review things like crosswalk signals, using buttons to indicate when and where you need to cross, and looking both ways before crossing—even if you have a signal that says it’s safe to walk.

  • Plan your child’s route to and from school.

In addition to teaching your child crosswalk safety, you should also plan a safe route for him or her to get to school on foot, especially if you live near the school. Walk the route with your child and make sure he or she understands which streets to use, where to cross the street, and where particularly dangerous crosswalks or sections of sidewalk may be. In addition, make sure he or she knows to wait for crossing guards near the school before attempting to cross the street.

Even if you’ve taught your children these safety tips in the past, it’s worthwhile to review them every year just before school is back in session. By explaining how to safely cross the street, ride the school bus, and use crosswalks at this time of year, your children will be more likely to remember those lessons during their daily walk to class.

At Matt Hardin Law, our Clarksville car accident lawyers know that following safety tips like the ones listed above can significantly reduce the risk of accidents, but negligent drivers can still cause injuries to occur, despite precautionary measures. If you or your child was injured by a negligent driver, you may eligible to receive compensation for your medical bills and lost wages. Contact our law firm today by dialing (931) 274-7788 or filling out a free online form.