Crash Causes Jeep to Drive Off Bridge on State Route 840 in Williamson County

Posted in Car Accident,Negligence,Personal Injury,Tennessee Accident Law on October 13, 2015

Crash Causes Jeep to Drive off Bridge on State Route 840 in Williamson County

A two-vehicle accident caused the driver of a Jeep to lose control, sending his vehicle flying off a bridge on State Route 840 in Williamson County on Tuesday.

According to a report by wkrn.com, the accident occurred around 6 a.m. Arno Road when the 19-year-old driver of a 2004 Toyota Corolla attempted to change lanes while the driver of a 2004 Jeep was driving alongside him. When the Corolla entered his lane, the driver of the Jeep swerved to avoid a collision but ultimately struck the other vehicle.

The impact of the collision then caused the driver of the Jeep to strike a guardrail before the vehicle went airborne over the side of the bridge before coming to a stop on Arno Road below the overpass.

Remarkably, the driver of the Jeep didn’t suffer serious injuries in the crash. Both drivers were transported to Williamson Medical Center for treatment.

The driver of the Corolla was cited for an improper lane change, while the driver of the Jeep was cited for driving without a license or proof of insurance.

How Can You Avoid Being Involved in a Car Accident Caused by Negligence?

As a driver, there are certain things you can control and certain things you can’t control. Your own behavior and decisions behind the wheel, including decisions like driving at or below the speed limit, coming to a complete stop at stop signs, using a turn signal, and never driving while intoxicated are all decisions you make on a daily basis. Unfortunately, you can’t control the fact that other drivers don’t always make the right decisions—but you can help reduce your chances of being involved in a car accident caused by negligence.

To reduce your risk of being injured by a careless driver, do your best to follow the tips below:

  • Pause momentarily before accelerating at intersections when you get a green light.

It’s tempting to immediately accelerate and enter an intersection when you get a green light—especially if you’re in a hurry or running late—but doing so can put you and your loved ones at serious risk of being struck by a driver who is trying to beat the red light or is running a red light. Instead, pause briefly before accelerating and count to three before you enter the intersection.

  • Report drivers who appear to be impaired and stay a safe distance away from them.

If you notice a driver up ahead who appears to be engaging in unsafe driving behaviors or who doesn’t appear to have full control over his or her vehicle, keep your distance from the vehicle and continue watching their driving habits. If the behavior continues, consider calling 911 to report the driver to help lower their risk of injuring you, other drivers, and even themselves.

  • Yield the right of way to drivers who are driving erratically or appear angry.

Road rage is a very real phenomenon with real consequences, both for the drivers who experience it and other drivers who get in their paths. If you encounter a driver who is displaying erratic and aggressive behavior while behind the wheel, do your best to avoid escalating the situation and allow him or her to pass you if possible—even if it includes yielding the right of way or allowing him or her to merge into your lane.

Matt Hardin Law and his team of Nashville auto accident attorneys have handled countless car accident claims over the past 20 years, and we know that a large number of them are caused by drivers who simply don’t exercise the proper care and caution when they get behind the wheel. Although you can’t control the behavior of other drivers, you can control your responses to it, and being proactive and cautious can significantly reduce your risk of being involved in an accident.

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