Crashes Continue at Murfreesboro Intersection after Construction Project Ends

Posted in Car Accident,Tennessee Accident Law on August 8, 2016

Crashes Continue at Murfreesboro Intersection after Construction Project Ends

Murfreesboro drivers say that the intersection of Veterans Parkway and Barfield Drive is the site of too many accidents, as a large number of vehicles have collided in that area in recent months.

According to a report by WKRN.com, the large number of crashes first occurred during a construction project that was taking place in the area, but the rate of accidents hasn’t slowed since the construction project ended.

Local residents believe that traffic lights could alleviate the danger at the intersection, but it’s unclear whether the city or county would be responsible for installing the lights.

A fatal motorcycle accident occurred at the intersection when its southwest loop was under construction. After the construction was completed, more than one dozen accidents have been reported at the intersection, with two occurring within 24 hours of each other.

The cost of installing traffic lights at the intersection is estimated at around $100,000.

Murfreesboro’s city manager says that he expects the city to receive council approval for the installation of traffic lights within the next two weeks, and construction could occur soon after the approval is granted.

Tips for Driving Through Dangerous Intersections

Although accidents can occur at any place on roadways, they’re more common at intersections than anywhere else. In fact, the Federal Highway Administration says that around 40 percent of accidents occur at intersections and around 20 percent of fatal accidents occur at these locations. Although traffic lights, stop signs, and yield signs are designed to control the flow of traffic at intersections, accidents still occur due to driver error and negligence.

To reduce your risks of being involved in an accident while driving through an intersection, do your best to follow these tips:

  • Change lanes with plenty of distance to go before reaching the intersection.

If you need to make a turn or get into a specific lane, make the lane shift as early as possible when approaching the intersection. Trying to change lanes in an intersection can be dangerous due to other vehicles approaching the area and other drivers also attempting to change lanes. Be sure to activate your turn signal to alert other drivers to your intentions before you enter another lane.

  • Be careful when making a left turn without a protected turn signal or arrow.

Although you can make a left turn at an intersection without a protected turn signal or arrow, doing so can be dangerous, especially if there’s limited visibility due to a curve in the road, changes in elevation, or inclement weather. Before turning, always check to make sure that there are no approaching vehicles—particularly motorcycles, which can be difficult to see under certain conditions.

  • Never attempt to “beat” red lights when approaching yellow lights.

Getting stopped at red lights can be an inconvenience that can add time to your commute or trip, but attempting to beat red lights by accelerating when traffic lights turn yellow can be dangerous. Running red lights can put you at risk of being struck by vehicles approaching from cross streets, especially if other drivers quickly accelerate when they see green lights or if they roll through lights that are about to change.

  • Watch for pedestrians when approaching intersections.

Pedestrians don’t always wait for crossing signals before they attempt to cross streets. When approaching an intersection with a crosswalk, always scan the area to make sure no pedestrians are in the roadway. If you see pedestrians, slow down or stop and allow them to pass, even if you have a green light at the time.

A safe and cautious approach is always the best course of action when you’re driving towards or through intersections. It’s also important to never become too reliant on traffic lights and stop signs and forget about the presence of other vehicles at cross streets. Although these traffic control devices and signs help maintain and orderly flow to traffic, not all drivers pay attention to them or obey the rules of the road when they approach intersections.

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