Cumberland County Car Accident Claims Life of Murfreesboro Man

Posted in Car Accident,Personal Injury,Tennessee Accident Law on July 3, 2015

Cumberland County Car Accident Claims Life of Murfreesboro Man

A car accident in Cumberland County, Tennessee, last Friday killed a 77-year-old man from Murfreesboro and injured a 26-year-old woman from Walling.

A staff report by the Herald-Citizen indicates that the accident occurred around noon on Highway 70 West near Glade Creek Road. The man was driving a 2004 Toyota heading eastbound on the highway, while the woman was driving a 2011 Chevrolet heading westbound.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol said that a third vehicle, which wasn’t involved in the accident, was attempting to make a left turn on the highway and that the driver of the Toyota swerved to avoid it. As he swerved out of the way, he crossed the center line of the highway and collided head-on with the Chevrolet.

The impact of the collision caused both vehicles to spin around before coming to a stop in the eastbound lanes of the highway. Both drivers were wearing their seat belts at the time of the accident, and neither drugs nor alcohol are believed to be factors in this accident.

Matt Hardin Law’s team of Murfreesboro car accident attorneys express their condolences to the friends and family of the man who died in this accident, and we also hope the woman who was injured is able to recover.

 How Can Drivers Avoid Head-On Collisions?

All car accidents have the potential to cause serious injuries, but one of the most dangerous types of accidents are head-on collisions. Drivers and passengers who are victims of head-on collisions are at risk of suffering injuries ranging from broken bones and lacerations to paralysis and traumatic brain injuries.

Because of the risks involved with head-on collisions, it’s important that drivers do everything in their power to avoid these types of accidents. A few safety tips that drivers can follow to reduce their risks include:

  • Never pass other vehicles on two-lane roads unless absolutely necessary.

Passing other vehicles is always a risky maneuver. Sections of road that feature solid yellow lines indicate that passing isn’t allowed due to limited visibility and an increased risk of car accidents, but it’s still a dangerous decision even when it’s permitted. Passing should only be done during emergency situations and never to simply shave a few minutes off of a commute. Even if there’s ample visibility of the road ahead, drivers may be unable to see oncoming vehicles due to blinding sunlight, rain, or distraction—all of which can lead to serious accidents.

  • Drive slowly on narrow roads.

Many roads in Middle Tennessee, particularly those in rural areas, are narrow and leave very little room or margin for error when two vehicles pass each other. When driving on narrow roads, it’s important to slow down and remain extra cautious. Driving slowly gives you more time to react if a vehicle crosses over into your line and can also reduce the severity of a potential collision if you’re unable to avoid oncoming traffic.

  • Pay attention to road signs.

One-way streets are common in urban areas and even shopping center parking lots. Because one-way streets are designed for to traffic to flow in a single direction, it’s not only against the law to drive down one the wrong way, it’s also extremely dangerous. Before turning at an intersection, always check to make sure that the street you’re about to enter isn’t one-way, and if it is, make sure you’re going the right direction.

Head-on collisions are statistically one of the most dangerous types of car accidents. At Matt Hardin Law, our Murfreesboro auto accident lawyers know that victims of these collisions often experience life-changing and debilitating injuries that require weeks, months, and years of treatment, physical therapy, and rehabilitation. And in many cases, victims are unable to return to work and regain their quality of life.

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