Deer Accidents Increasingly Common During Fall Months

Posted in Car Accident,Insurance Issues,Personal Injury on November 3, 2014

It is a fear of many who drive at night:  coming across an seemingly innocent deer on the side of the road that happens to jut out right in front of you as you pass by, causing a serious accident. Even though many of us have probably not had to deal with the dangers, stresses, and hassles of hitting a deer while driving a car, it is something that can cause motorists a serious headache—or worse.

female-impala-1434928-mMost often, accidents involving animals are not fatal for the humans involved. However, when the accident involves a large animal like a deer, it is possible that the accident can result in serious injury or death. It is for this reason that the Tennessee Highway Patrol recently issued a warning to motorists about the presence of deer in the fall months.

According to a report by one local news source, deer accidents are more common than most of us may think. Indeed, in Tennessee alone there were over 6,100 deer-related accidents in 2013. Of those, 230 resulted in some kind of serious injury, and two resulted in at least one death. Also interesting is the fact that since 2009, deer-related crashes have increased by over 15%. Perhaps this is a function of increased human development at the expense of the animals’ natural habitat.

Regardless of why there are more deer out on the road today than a few years ago, the THP wants motorists to be informed and aware of the possibility that there may bee deer on the road. Deer are most active during the dawn and dusk hours, so the THP recommends taking extra precaution during these times. In addition, the THP suggests the following tips to stay safe during this season of increased deer activity:

  • Whenever you see one deer, expect that there are others nearby.
  • Be attentive while driving in wooded areas, and scan the sides of the road constantly for deer.
  • If a deer does jump into your way, don’t swerve trying to avoid it. This could result in a more serious accident.
  • If you do collide with a deer, do not approach the injured animal. Contact the THP and let them handle it.

Have You Been in a Deer-Related Accident?

If you have recently hit a deer or been injured as a result of any other accident, you are likely entitled to recover under your insurance policy for your injuries and potentially for your property damage as well. However, insurance companies are often loath to pay out on these claims and will often try and make it seem as though it was your fault for hitting the animal. Don’t let the insurance company shift its burden onto you. Contact a dedicated Tennessee personal injury attorney to discuss how you can help hold the insurance company accountable for what it owes  you. Call one of the dedicated personal injury attorneys at Matt Hardin Law to set up a free initial consultation at 615-200-1111.

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