Fatal Bicycle Accident Reported in Antioch

Posted in Personal Injury,Tennessee Accident Law on October 25, 2016

Fatal Bicycle Accident Reported in Antioch

Metro Nashville Police say that a 60-year-old man was killed when he was struck by a vehicle in Davidson County early Wednesday afternoon.

According to a report by WKRN.com, the accident occurred just before 3 p.m. at the corner of Mt. View Road and Murfreesboro Pike. The MPD’s report of the accident states that the man was walking his bike and headed southbound when he was struck by the vehicle.

After an investigation, police determined that the accident occurred because the bicyclist didn’t walk in the bicycle lane and because he failed to yield to traffic when he crossed over into the southbound lanes of the roadway.

No additional information about the accident has been released at this time.

Tips for Avoiding Accidents for Bicyclists and Drivers

Nashville has taken many steps to become a more bicycle-friendly city in recent years, and the number of rented bicycles that take to the city’s streets daily is continuing to grow.

While many parts of the city feature dedicated bike lanes, most roads in the city don’t offer separate lanes for bicyclists. While bicyclists can safely get around town without dedicated bicycle lanes, their safety depends on themselves and other drivers practicing safe riding and driving habits.

Whether you’re a bicyclist or a driver, following the tips below can help you decrease your chances of being involved in accident:

As a bicyclist, you should…

  • Use bicycle lanes when they’re available.

Not only do you have more room to maneuver in a bicycle lane, but you can also move at your own speed without holding up traffic. In addition to making you safer when riding near moving traffic, bicycle lanes can also make you less likely to be injured by an opening car door.

  • Wear a helmet at all times.

As a bicyclist, you lack the protection available to drivers and their passengers in the event of accidents. Because head injuries are among the most common causes of bicycle accident-related fatalities, wearing a helmet is your best defense when riding near traffic.

  • Use reflectors and wear bright and reflective clothing.

Bicyclists have a narrower profile than motorcyclists on the roadway, and drivers already have a difficult time spotting motorcycles. The best way to be seen by drivers is to wear bright and reflective clothing, especially when riding at dawn or at dusk. In addition, equipping reflectors to your bicycle can make you more easily visible at all times of day.

As a driver, you should…

  • Avoid passing bicyclists unless it’s safe to do so.

Bicyclists can cause traffic slowdowns, especially on narrow streets. But attempting to pass a bicyclist can put you at risk of striking him or her or striking another vehicle headed in the opposite direction. Either wait for the bicyclist to turn or wait until the road widens before attempting to pass.

  • Look for bicyclists at four-way stops, yield signs, and all intersections.

If you’re like most drivers, your biggest concern when you’re about to enter an intersection or merge onto a roadway is the presence of other vehicles. But while you’re looking for another car, truck, or SUV, you may overlook a bicyclist. Always be aware of the presence of bicyclists and look both ways before entering an intersection.

  • Consider bicyclists equals on the roadway.

Bicyclists must obey the same rules of the road as drivers of passenger vehicles. Because they’re subject to the same laws, they should also receive the same respect as other motorists. Giving bicyclists the same consideration and respect that you give other drivers can go a long way towards making them safer on the roadway.

Matt Hardin Law’s team of Nashville car accident attorneys knows that collisions between vehicles and bicycles almost always results in serious injuries for the person traveling on two wheels and rarely results in injuries for the person traveling on four wheels. Making Middle Tennessee’s roadways safer for bicyclists requires the cooperation, mutual respect, and peaceful co-existence of both drivers and bicyclists on all types of roads and at all times of day.

If you or someone you know was injured in a bicycle, motorcycle, or pedestrian accident that was caused by a negligent driver, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other accident-related expenses. Get in touch with our legal team to find out how we may be able to assist you—dial (615) 200-1111 or complete a free online consultation form.