Four Dead in Terrible West Tennessee Accident

Posted in Car Accident on July 2, 2014

Earlier this month in a tragic accident out of west Tennessee, four people lost their lives in an accident involving two semi-trucks and two passenger cars. According to a report by Knox News, the accident occurred near the 64th mile marker on Interstate 40, sometime in the early afternoon.

crash-car-1-748020-mEvidently, the authorities are not exactly sure how the accident occurred. However, a couple riding in one of the semi-trucks was killed, as were two other people. It is believed that the two others were passengers in one of the cars that was involved in the accident.

One witness told reporters that there was “nothing left” of either of the two trucks involved and that the cars were unrecognizable. Apparently, there was merely a steel frame of the semi-truck’s trailer remaining. Several hours after the accident, passersby described seeing the remains of the charred vehicles still smoking as they rested on the side of the road.

Fatal Truck Accidents in Tennessee

Although police are unsure how the accident described above occurred, they will likely come to a conclusion that one or more of the parties involved was at fault in the accident. For their role in the fatal accident, the parties at fault will likely be issued a citation and, if there was more than mere negligence involved, they may also face criminal sanctions.

Both the citation and the criminal charge, if it results in a conviction, can likely be used by any of the accident victims found not to be at fault in a civil suit for damages based on the other drivers’ negligence.

This kind of evidence is extremely persuasive to juries because, especially in the case of a criminal conviction, the burden of proof is higher. This means, in theory, that if a driver was found guilty of a criminal offense, and that offense shared elements with a similar civil offense, the jury can hear that the facts had already been proven beyond a reasonable doubt—one of the highest burdens in law.

By introducing evidence that a driver was found criminally negligent, a plaintiff may be one step closer to proving a case for damages against the defendant. An experienced Tennessee personal injury attorney will be able to assist you in the timing of your case, as well as in the introduction of favorable evidence.

Have You Been Injured in a Tennessee Accident?

If you or a loved one has recently been injured in a Tennessee auto accident, you should speak with a dedicated Tennessee personal injury attorney as soon as possible. It may be that you are entitled to a substantial monetary award based on the other driver’s negligence. However, it is likely that the other driver and his or her insurance company will retain skilled legal counsel to defend against the claim. Make sure that you are well represented in your personal injury claim. Click here, or call 615-200-1111 to schedule a free initial consultation with a dedicated and experienced Tennessee personal injury attorney.

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