Hit-and-Run Driver Who Caused Fatal Crash in Lascassas Arrested by Police

Posted in Car Accident,Negligence,Personal Injury,Tennessee Accident Law on December 26, 2014

Hit-and-Run Driver Who Caused Fatal Crash in Lascassas Arrested by Police

A 16-year-old driver caused a serious accident early Friday morning in Lascassas, Tennessee, that killed a 14-year-old male and injured three other passengers.

According to a report by WSMV.com, the driver was behind the wheel of a 1998 Chevy Blazer when he lost control of the vehicle while navigating a curve. He then slammed into a utility pole at the 4200 block of Weakley Lane, causing serious injuries to his passengers.

Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) and local police said that four occupants of the vehicle, including the driver, fled the scene of the crash and hid in the woods nearby to avoid being seen by emergency responders. Eventually, the passengers left the woods and allowed police to identify them and provide medical treatment.

The driver was later taken into custody by police and the THP says charges are pending an investigation into the cause of the crash.

The Nashville car accident lawyers at Matt Hardin Law express our condolences to the family of the person who was killed in this crash and hope the other injured victims have complete recoveries from their injuries.

What are Common Injuries Suffered by Children in Car Accidents?

Children and young teenagers are more vulnerable than adults in automobile accidents due to their bodies still being in a developmental stage. Because children’s muscles and skeletons are still growing and developing, they’re more likely to experience severe injuries in car accidents that can lead to long-term pain and disability.

At Matt Hardin Law, we’re familiar with the effects of car accidents on children and teens, including:

  • Spinal cord injuries

Because children and young teens often aren’t finished growing, their spinal cords aren’t yet fully developed and are more likely to be injured by the high levels of force in a car accident. Spinal cord injuries can cause serious disabilities, including temporary or permanent paralysis affecting the feet, legs, hands, arms, and even the entire body.

  • Brain injuries

Like their spinal cords, children’s skulls are softer and not as fully formed as the skulls of adults. That means the impact of a car accident and striking their head against the dashboard, seat, door, or even airbag can cause skull fractures and brain injuries. The brain injuries suffered by children can range in severity from mild concussions to severe injuries that cause lifelong developmental and motor skills deficits.

  • Scarring and disfigurement

Auto accidents involve broken glass, flying objects and debris, and violent impacts of body parts. All of these hazards can cause serious cuts, lacerations, and internal injuries that result in scarring and even disfigurement and amputation. Children who suffer from scarring and disfigurement often suffer even more than adults in the aftermath of a car accident.

Children and young teens are often innocent victims in car accidents, yet their lives are also often more affected than anyone else in the accident due to injuries that cause lifelong pain, disability, and disfigurement.

If your child suffered serious injuries in a car accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence—including the driver of the car your child was a passenger in—you may be eligible to receive compensation for his or her medical bills, physical and mental rehabilitation, and pain and suffering.

The Nashville car accident lawyers at Matt Hardin Law have worked with many families of children who suffered serious injuries, and we know what it takes to build claims that are designed to get you the maximum compensation you deserve. To let us get started on your case, dial (615) 200-1111 or fill out our free contact form today. We’re ready to fight for you.