Injuries Reported after 5-Vehicle Crash in Nashville

Posted in Car Accident,Truck Wreck on July 16, 2017

Five vehicles, including a semi-truck, were involved in an accident in the westbound lanes of Interstate 24 on Friday morning.

Per a report by WKRN.com, the accident happened at around 2:30 a.m. near the bell Road exit. Emergency responders closed three lanes of traffic as they worked to clear the scene.

All lanes were reopened to traffic by around 6 a.m. when crews towed away all the affected vehicles. However, the semi-truck’s trailer remained on the shoulder of the road for several hours after the crash.

Metro Nashville Police told reporters that one person was transported to a local hospital to receive treatment for serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

There’s no word on what caused the crash or whether anyone else was injured.

4 Common Injuries Victims Suffer after Interstate Accidents

All car accidents have the potential to cause serious and even life-threatening injuries, but crashes that occur on high-speed highways and interstates can be even worse. The faster vehicles are traveling, the more likely that their occupants will get hurt during collisions—and highways and interstates in Middle Tennessee have speed limits ranging from 55 mph to 70 mph.

Some of the most common injuries caused by highway and interstate accidents include:

  • Head and brain injuries

Both the head and brain are highly vulnerable during high-speed crashes, even when they’re protected by airbags. When a person’s head collides with any object, whether it’s their headrest, airbag, steering wheel, or dashboard, it can cause skull fractures, broken bones, and severe lacerations. In addition, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are also common due to accident causing the brain to move inside the skull. TBIs can range from minor concussions to severe injuries that cause disability.

  • Neck and back injuries

The abrupt jerking motion of the head and neck during car accidents can cause severe damage to the tendons, discs, ligaments, and muscles in the neck and shoulders—a condition commonly referred to as whiplash. Car accidents can also cause severe back injuries, as the torso often absorbs the bulk of the forces generated during collisions. Victims may develop chronic pain and immobility due to back injuries suffered during car accidents.

  • Broken bone injuries

Broken bones—especially in the limbs—are common after car accidents. The bones in everything from fingers and wrists to feet and legs can break during vehicle crashes. Larger bones, such as the lone bones in the arms and feet, can cause medical emergencies if they break during auto accidents—especially if they’re compound fractures. These types of breaks can result in severe blood loss and risk of infection.

  • Bleeding injuries

Compound fractures aren’t the only risk factor for blood loss during accidents. Car collisions can cause victims to suffer severe cuts and lacerations from blunt impact or from being struck by loose objects in their vehicles. In some cases, victims may even suffer the amputation of limbs during high-speed and high-impact crashes. These injuries require immediate medical intervention, as significant blood loss can lead to loss of consciousness and death.

Matt Hardin Law’s team of Nashville auto accident attorneys knows that the injuries commonly associated with high-speed car crashes can be disabling and even deadly. Victims who survive their injuries often face long roads to recovery and may need weeks, months, or even years of rehabilitation. Some remain disabled for the rest of their lives and are unable to work.

It’s our goal to help people who were injured through no fault of their own get the compensation they deserve for their accident-related expenses. If you or someone you know was hurt in a crash that was caused by someone else’s negligent, we want to hear from you.

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