Many Middle Tennessee Residents Still Unable to Leave Their Homes Due to Ice

Posted in Car Accident,Personal Injury,Tennessee Accident Law on February 18, 2015

Many Middle Tennessee Residents Still Unable to Leave Their Homes Due to Ice

After a serious winter storm hit the Middle Tennessee area Sunday night and early Monday morning, many residents of the area have been unable to leave their homes due to significant ice accumulation in driveways, parking lots, and roads.

According to a report by wsmv.com, the roads are in such bad condition that Tennessee has been under a state of emergency since 9 p.m. Monday.

Meteorologists also expect a significant cold front to come through the area Wednesday night, with temperatures dropping below zero in many parts of the mid-state area. Those extremely low temperatures will refreeze any melting ice and causing road conditions to remain hazardous until Saturday when temperatures are expected to finally rise above freezing.

The treacherous road conditions have caused numerous car accidents throughout the state, and Nashville Metro Police are urging people to stay home if possible.

If you must leave your home during this time, it’s important to note that the Nashville MTA is still running certain bus routes throughout the city.

The Nashville car accident lawyers at Matt Hardin Law hope everyone is able to stay safe during this winter storm and stay off the roads until the ice and snow melt later this week.

Travel Trips during Severe Winter Weather

Although the best option during severe winter weather is to simply stay at home, that’s not always an option for families. Schools and businesses don’t always close due to ice and snow, and buying groceries is still a necessity no matter how treacherous the conditions are outside.

If you have to leave your home during a winter storm, the following tips can help keep you and your family safe on the roadways:

  • Make sure your tires have adequate tread.

Your tires are your lifeline when driving in inclement weather. All-weather tires work best during winter weather conditions, but if you don’t have those installed on your vehicle, make sure your tires have deep tread and aren’t old and worn down. If you have two vehicles, choose the one with better tires and, if possible, four-wheel drive capabilities.

  • Remove all ice and snow from your windows and windshield.

Some drivers only spend enough time to remove enough ice and snow to give themselves a small view out of their windshield, but it’s vital that you remove all snow and ice from every window on your vehicle. Have a clear and unobstructed view is important for safe driving, and sunlight reflecting off accumulated snow and ice—especially on your windshield—can have a blinding effect.

  • Remove any large chunks of ice or snow from the top of your vehicle.

As you drive, your vehicle can warm up, causing any accumulated snow or ice to fall off your hood or the top of your car. This accumulation can not only fall onto your windshield and obstruct your view, but it can also fly off and hit other vehicles, causing significant damage and even injuries to other motorists and their passengers.

  • Wear sunglasses and use your visor.

When the sun shines after a heavy snowfall, it can cause a blinding effect due to its brightness being reflected and amplified by the white snow. Protect your eyes and your ability to see the road by always wearing sunglasses and using a sun visor when you get behind the wheel. If the sun is too bright due to reflections off the snow, consider pulling over or taking a different route to get to your destination.

These are just a few winter driving tips you should follow if you absolutely must leave your home during a winter storm like the one that just hit the Middle Tennessee area. Although driving in these conditions carries significant risks, you can reduce your chances of being involved in an accident with careful planning and extra cautious driving.

If you were injured in a car accident during inclement weather that was caused by another person’s negligence, we want to help you get the compensation you need for your accident-related expenses. Contact our Nashville car accident attorneys today by dialing (615) 200-1111 or filling out a free online form.