Mt. Juliet Crossing Guard Worried about Safety at Busy Intersection

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Mt. Juliet Crossing Guard Worried about Safety at Busy Intersection

A crossing guard who directs traffic near W.A. Wright Elementary School in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, says she’s concerned about the safety of children due to the volume of speeding vehicles on the roadway in the morning.

According to a report by wkrn.com, the road has five lanes of traffic but the city only employs a single crossing guard to maintain order in the mornings and afternoons when school lets out.

The crossing guard told WKRN that she has experienced many close calls and nearly been struck by vehicles due to drivers failing to slow down to the posted speed limit of 25 miles per hour. She added that many drivers are distracted when they pass through the school zone and don’t see the speed limit signs.

A public information officer with Wilson County Schools said the district is discussing whether to add an extra crossing guard to the area to handle the high volume of traffic and improve safety.

In the meantime, the crossing guard urges all drivers in the area to slow down and be cautious.

The Mt. Juliet personal injury lawyers at Matt Hardin Law also urge drivers to exercise good judgment and stay alert for crossing guards, school zones, and reduce speed limits to keep themselves and others safe on the roadway.

School Zone Traffic Safety Tips

Because of the presence of small children and other pedestrians, school zones often have significantly reduced speed limits. In fact, many require drivers to lower their speeds to 15 mph or even 10 mph for several hundred yards. To protect your own safety and the safety of children and pedestrians in school zones, do your best to follow these tips:

  • Always drive at or under the posted speed limit.

Speeding in school zones can net you a serious fine and earn you the scorn of the crossing guard and every parent around. In addition, speeding also puts young children and pedestrians in danger, as the faster you drive, the less time you have to react to anyone who steps out in front of your vehicle.

  • Obey the crossing guard’s commands.

Crossing guards use commands to keep traffic moving in an orderly manner and allow traffic going in and out of schools to move smoothly and quickly. All drivers are required by law to obey the commands of crossing guards, including slowing down, stopping, and waiting their turn to merge lanes or turn into or out of a driveway.

  • Never pass school buses on the left side.

School buses are often parked in or near school zones to load and unload students. It’s vital that you never pass a school bus on its left side, as that’s the side where children enter and exit the bus. Most school buses have stop signs on that side as an extra precaution for drivers.

  • Watch for children in areas near school zones.

Just because you’re no longer in a designated school zone doesn’t mean there won’t be any children nearby. Many students walk or bike to school and live in the area, and that means you should continue to exercise caution on all streets and in all neighborhoods in the surrounding area of a school zone.

At Matt Hardin Law, our Mt. Juliet personal injury lawyers know that school zones and crossing guards save lives and make children throughout the nation safer on their ways to and from school.

If you or your child was injured in a school zone due to a negligent driver, you may be able to receive compensation for accident-related expenses, such as medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Our legal team knows what it takes to build strong claims that get results for victims like you. Get in touch with us today by dialing (615) 200-1111 or fill out a free online form.