Multi-Vehicle Accident Injures Two People in Clarksville

Posted in Car Accident,Personal Injury,Tennessee Accident Law on May 22, 2015

Multi-Vehicle Accident Injures Two People in Clarksville

A traffic accident involving three vehicles injured two people in Clarksville, Tennessee, Friday morning.

According to The Leaf-Chronicle, the accident occurred around 10:02 a.m. at the intersection of Madison Street and Memorial Drive when the driver of a Ford Explorer rear-ended a Pontiac Grand Am while both vehicles were traveling eastbound.

The impact of the collision caused the Grand Am to be pushed into the westbound lanes of traffic where it was struck by a GMC Sierra pickup truck, while a fourth vehicle sustained damage due to being struck by flying debris from the accident.

Two women suffered injuries as a result of the accidents, and one was transported to Gateway Medical Center to receive treatment for her injuries, while the other told emergency services that she would seek medical treatment on her own.

Clarksville police closed both eastbound lanes of traffic on Madison Street for more than an hour as they worked to clean up the accident scene, and the vehicles were in the process of being removed from the roadway by 11 a.m.

The Clarksville personal injury lawyers at Matt Hardin Law hope the two women who suffered injuries in this accident are able to recover quickly and completely.

Safety Tips for Memorial Day Weekend

With Memorial Day weekend coming up, streets, highways, and interstates throughout Clarksville and Middle Tennessee will see increased traffic due to family get-togethers and travel plans. If you’re planning on enjoying the sun and fun this weekend, here are a few tips to keep your family safe:

  • Eliminate distractions behind the wheel.

Traveling for the holidays can be hectic—especially if you have a car full of people. If you’re driving, do your best to stay as focused as possible on the road by eliminating distractions. Appoint someone else in the vehicle to be in control of the radio or looking up directions using a smartphone or GPS, and use a hands-free device if you need to make a phone call while driving. In addition, you should never text and drive.

  • Don’t drink and drive.

If you drink alcohol during your Memorial Day celebration, always have a designated sober driver who can get you and your family home safely. If you’re traveling alone or no one with you is sober enough to drive, call a cab or stay where you are for the night. Driving under the influence not only puts you and your loved ones in significant danger, but it can also cause you to get pulled over and charged with driving under the influence—a serious charge that carries jail time, driver’s license suspension, and hefty fines.

  • Drive defensively and watch out for other drivers.

Sometimes the biggest threat on the road isn’t your own driving skills and behaviors—it’s other drivers. Because traffic increases on holiday weekends, the chances of car accidents goes up. That’s why it’s so important to be extra cautious behind the wheel and pay close attention to the movements of others drivers. Always assume that drivers can’t see you and make use of your lights, turn signals, and brake lights to signal your intentions before changing lanes or turning. The more prepared you are for other drivers’ behaviors, the more you can protect yourself from being involved in an accident.

At Matt Hardin Law, our Clarksville personal injury lawyers hope everyone in the city and throughout Middle Tennessee has a great weekend and enjoys the warm weather while keeping themselves and their families safe.

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