Multi-Vehicle Crash Kills 2, Injures 6 Others in Nashville

Posted in Car Accident,Personal Injury,Tennessee Accident Law on January 22, 2015

Multi-Vehicle Crash Kills 2, Injures 6 Others in Nashville

A serious multi-car crash in Nashville killed two people and sent six people to the hospital Thursday morning.

According to a report by newschannel5.com, the accident occurred around 11:15 a.m. Thursday at the intersection of 3rd Avenue North and Jefferson Street.

Nashville Metro Police said that the accident involved a total of four vehicles—three of which were waiting at a red light at the intersection when a red pickup truck plowed into the back of a Cadillac.

The impact of the collision sent the vehicles out into traffic where they struck two more vehicles.

Emergency services personnel stated that the accident caused eight people to be taken to the hospital, and four were taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in critical condition. Two men who were in the Cadillac later died from their injuries, while the other two victims in critical condition were both in the pickup truck.

Metro Police stated that speed was a likely factor in causing the accident, but it’s unclear if any charges will be filed at this time. The Jefferson Street Bridge remains closed near downtown Nashville while police investigate the crash and road crews clear debris from the road.

The Nashville car accident lawyers at Matt Hardin Law express our sincere condolences to the families of the victims in this deadly crash. We also hope the two victims who are in critical condition are able to make full recoveries from their injuries.

Tips for Staying Safe at Dangerous Intersections

By their nature, intersections pose serious dangers for drivers. While traffic rules and signals like stop signs and red lights help keep traffic following in an orderly manner, drivers must still be extremely cautious at all times when approaching or driving through intersections.

To help keep you and your family safe at intersections, do your best to follow these safety tips:

  • Always hesitate momentarily before accelerating at green lights.

When you get a green light, your first instinct is to immediately accelerate into the intersection. However, it’s much safer to pause for a brief moment before entering the roadway—especially if you’re the first at the intersection. Waiting for just one second can save your life if another driver runs a red light and crosses the intersection—and drivers who immediately accelerate when they see green lights are the most likely to get hit.

  • Avoid pulling up too closely behind vehicles ahead of you.

Intersections can be dangerous because drivers are in danger of being struck by vehicles behind them. To help prevent chain-reaction crashes, always leave plenty of room between your car and any vehicles ahead of you at the intersection. Leaving extra space also allows room for drivers of cars with manual transmissions to roll back as they shift into gear without causing fender benders.

  • Begin slowing down and prepare to stop as soon as you get a yellow light.

Even if you’re in a hurry, never try to beat the light or speed up to make it through the intersection. Yellow lights are designed to give drivers a chance to start slowing down immediately and help protect them from being struck by cross traffic at intersections. If you’re approaching an intersection and see the light change from green to yellow and you’re at a reasonable distance to stop, it’s always safer to begin slowing down than to try and speed through the light.

At Matt Hardin Law, our Nashville car accident attorneys know that intersections are among the most dangerous places for drivers and passengers, and they’re also the locations of some of the deadliest accidents in Tennessee.

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