Multiple Lane and Road Closures Planned in Nashville this Weekend

Posted in Personal Injury,Tennessee Accident Law on September 11, 2015

Multiple Lane and Road Closures Planned in Nashville this Weekend

The Tennessee Department of Transportation is ramping up its road work throughout the mid-state area this weekend, starting with a closure of Interstate 40 from the I-40.I-65 split west of downtown and stretch for two miles to the I-40/I-65 split south of downtown.

According to a report by wsmv.com, the lane closures are part of TDOT’s plan to fix bridges all along Interstate 40 in Tennessee. In addition to the closures on I-40, TDOT will also close Herman Street from 10th Avenue to 16th Avenue, on and off-ramps at Demonbreun Street, Broadway, Church Street, and Charlotte Avenue, as well as the ramp to I-40 West from 2nd and 4th Avenues.

The road, lane, and ramp closures will begin at 8 p.m. Friday and end at 6 a.m. Monday. According to TDOT, closing all of the lanes and streets at the same time will allow them to complete all road repairs at the same time by working around the clock.

Until the work is completed and access to the roadways restored, TDOT asks all drivers in Nashville and anyone passing through the area to find alternate routes.

Tips for Staying Safe when Driving near Road Construction

If you’re one of the countless commuters in Middle Tennessee, you’ve undoubtedly experienced delays and detours due to road construction. The state’s highway repair crews are constantly working to improve roadways throughout the state and make them safer for all drivers and passengers, but in order to do so, they often have to temporarily disrupt the flow of traffic.

Driving near road construction zones can be challenging and even dangerous, depending on roadway and the amount of traffic passing that location. To improve your safety and your family’s safety the next time you pass a construction zone on a roadway in Tennessee, do your best to follow these tips:

  • Never exceed the posted speed limits

Construction zones often have speed limits that are significantly lower than what’s normal for a certain roadway. In addition to being posted for your safety, they’re also posted for the safety of the workers in the area. Construction zones on or near highways and interstates can be dangerous for workers, and anyone caught speeding in those areas may be fined a significantly higher amount than normal.

  • Watch for and follow signs carefully

Many construction zones reroute traffic in order to bypass the area of the road where construction or repairs are taking place. It’s important that you stay alert and watch for signs indicating sudden lane changes or curves, as these changes in direction and traffic flow can be sudden and take you by surprise if you aren’t paying close attention.

  • Stay alert and cautious as long as you see road works signs

Just because you’ve passed an area where road work was taking place doesn’t mean you’re out of a construction zone. In many cases, construction zones can last miles as workers pave or repair long stretches of highways and interstates. Continue driving at or below the posted speed limit and watch for construction workers for the entire length of the construction zone.

At Matt Hardin Law, our Nashville car accident attorneys appreciate the efforts made by the Tennessee Department of Transportation to repair, widen, and enhance roadways throughout the state in order to make them safer for all drivers. However, it’s important for drivers to recognize that construction zones require a cautious approach, as both their own safety and the safety of the workers in the area is in their hands.

If you or someone you love was injured in a car accident in a construction zone or any other stretch of roadway in Middle Tennessee, our law firm wants to hear from you. We have two decades of experience handling car accident claims in the mid-state area, and we know what it takes to get full compensation for victims like you. Pick up the phone and dial (615) 200-1111 or complete a free online consultation form today.