Nashville Native Launches Project to Reduce Traffic Congestion

Posted in Personal Injury,Tennessee Accident Law on November 17, 2016

Nashville Native Launches Project to Reduce Traffic Congestion

A 31-year-old electrical engineer from Nashville has launched a project that offers solutions to common traffic problems both in Davidson County and any place where traffic problems exist.

Nashville Public Radio reports that the man’s project came about when he decided to turn his traffic angst into something both productive and educational.

He created a website—ih8traffic.org—that lists common causes of traffic congestion and slowdowns, including driver behavior and roadway design. To effectively analyze traffic problems in the city, he wakes up early to drive and record Nashville’s most congested interstates during rush hour.

Then, he creates time-lapse videos of his drives and studies the videos to determine when and where traffic slowdowns occur. The videos reveal things like traffic lanes suddenly ending, short on-ramps that make merging difficult, and hills and curves that decrease visibility—all of which can result in sudden slowdowns and congestion.

In addition to creating a list of tips, he also created a Nashville Traffic Improvement Map which shows where drivers can expect major slowdowns throughout the city at different times throughout the day.

3 Ways You Can Improve Traffic Flow on Highways and Interstates

When traffic flows smoothly, people get to their destinations on time and they’re also less likely to be involved in accidents. Constant stop-and-go traffic and constantly changing traffic patterns aren’t just annoying and frustrating—they can also be dangerous.

While you may not be able to end traffic jams when you encounter them, ih8traffic.org says there are a few things you can do to help prevent them and avoid creating potentially dangerous situations for yourself and other drivers:

  • Stick to the right lanes unless you need to pass another vehicle.

Traffic flows more smoothly and safely when drivers use the left lane only to pass other vehicles. When drivers get in the left lane and stay there for extended periods of time, they create traffic bottlenecks that slow down highways and interstates and cause congestion that can last for miles. Tennessee recently passed a law that requires drivers to use the left lanes of highways and interstates for passing purposes only.

  • Accelerate quickly when entering on-ramps.

When you enter an on-ramp, that’s your opportunity to get your vehicle moving at the same speed as other vehicles on the highway or interstate. Entering a high-speed roadway traveling 10, 20, or even 30 mph slower than other vehicles not only creates immediate slowdowns, but it can also put you and other drivers in danger. Accelerate smoothly and rapidly when you enter the on-ramp and prepare to merge as soon as it is safe to do so.

  • Change lanes ahead of time when you know you need to turn.

Whether you’re planning on exiting a freeway or preparing to turn at an intersection, you should get in the correct lane as early as possible. Many traffic slowdowns are caused by drivers suddenly shifting lanes at the last minute. That causes other drivers to slam on their brakes or even swerve to avoid accidents. Always use your turn signals to indicate your intentions and smoothly merge into the desired turn lane or lane adjacent to an intersection, roadway, or driveway well before you approach its location.

It’s important for drivers in Nashville and throughout Middle Tennessee to remember that traffic and slowdowns on their morning and evenings commutes aren’t just headache-inducing—they can also be injury-inducing. Staying calm and patient when you’re in a traffic jam is always the best course of action, but driving in ways that help promote free-flowing traffic can also reduce the likelihood that you’ll accidentally create a traffic jam or slowdown yourself.

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