Overturned Dump Truck Stalls Traffic on I-40 in Dickson

Posted in Tennessee Accident Law,Truck Wreck on April 13, 2016

Overturned Dump Truck Stalls Traffic on I-40 in Dickson

A dump truck drove off the roadway and overturned on Interstate 40 in Dickson, Tennessee, early Friday morning.

According to reports by newschannel5.com, the accident occurred at around 11:15 a.m. near exit 215 on I-40 and was estimated to be cleared by around noon.

Police say that the crash occurred in the western part of Williamson County near the Dickson County line.

The impact of the collision and the truck overturning caused the cab to separate from the truck bed. During the course of the accident, the truck careened off the roadway and over the guardrail before landing upside down near the interstate.

Police say that the driver was ejected during the accident and became pinned under the truck, but was eventually able to free himself. There’s currently no word at this time on his condition or the extent of any injuries he might have suffered.

Authorities are still investigating to determine what caused the accident to occur.

Facts about Dump Truck Safety

Although they aren’t as large as most tractor-trailers, dump trucks are still some of the biggest vehicles that most drivers encounter on the roadways in Middle Tennessee. Dump trucks can weigh between 25,000 pounds and 75,000 pounds when they’re loaded with heavy cargo.

The weight and size difference between dump trucks and standard passenger vehicles, even large consumer trucks and SUVs, is considerable—and that can put drivers of those vehicles in danger if they’ve involved in accidents with dump trucks.

To help you reduce your risks of being involved in an accident with a dump truck, check out these facts about dump truck safety:

  • Dump truck drivers have large blind spots.

As with tractor-trailers, dump trucks sit high off the roadway and have large cargo beds behind them. That can make it difficult for dump truck drivers to see vehicles that are driving directly in front of them, behind them, or under their passenger and driver side doors. If you’re driving near a dump truck, it’s important to stay visible by keeping your distance and keeping the truck’s mirrors in sight.

  • Dump trucks have a high center of gravity and can be prone to tipping over.

When a dump truck driver takes a sharp turn, drives on an uneven roadway, or is involved in an accident, he or she may be at risk of losing control of the vehicle and tipping over. When driving near a dump truck on a steep incline or decline, or when driving on uneven, broken, or chipped pavement, always give the truck driver plenty of room to avoid forcing any sudden vehicle movements that could lead to the truck flipping over.

  • Dump truck cargo can cause serious vehicular damage and injuries to drivers and passengers.

If you’re involved in an accident with a dump truck, the initial impact isn’t the only thing that can put you at risk of suffering serious injuries. Dump trucks can carry several thousand pounds of cargo, including raw materials that can be extremely dangerous when they’re suddenly released from the cargo area. Following dump trucks at a safe distance and being prepared to slow down or stop to avoid rear-end collisions can help you reduce your chances of being injured by their cargo.

Dump truck drivers are required to hold special licenses and undergo extensive training to legally drive their vehicles on both work sites and on highways and interstates. In addition to dump truck drivers holding up their responsibility to drive safely at all times, it’s also important for the drivers of passenger vehicles to recognize the limitations of these vehicles and how to avoid the scenarios that can make accidents more likely to occur.

At Matt Hardin Law, we know that dump truck accidents are sometimes unavoidable—but we also know that they can occur due to negligent behavior on the part of the driver, the truck owner, or the company using the truck to do business. If you or someone you love was injured in a dump truck accident that wasn’t your fault, we want to help you get compensation for your medical bills and lost wages. To find out how we can help, dial (615) 200-1111 or fill out a free online consultation form.