Parents Upset Over Lack of School Crossing Guards in East Nashville

Posted in Pedestrian Accident,Personal Injury on August 25, 2017

Parents of children who attend East Nashville Magnet High School are frustrated with the lack of a crossing guard outside of the school, and they say that too many drivers passing through the area are speeding and not paying attention.

Per a report by WKRN.com, parents say that Gallatin Avenue in front of the school is simply too busy and too heavily trafficked for students to attempt to cross the street on their own. The Tennessee Department of Transportation says that nearly 22,000 drivers use the roadway every day.

One local parent told reporters that the roadway is dangerous for anyone to cross, let alone high school students. She also said that a crossing guard was present on the roadway last year. However, Metro Nashville Police says that crossing guards are only provided to elementary and middle schools.

The crossing guard at East Nashville Magnet High School was used last year due to middle school students being bussed to that location by the school district.

However, a parent says that middle school students are still bussed to the high school where they must cross the street and wait for their parents to pick them up after school.

3 Tips to Help Your Children Get to and from School Safely

Whether they’re in high school or kindergarten, children are highly vulnerable to accidents. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control says that accidents are by far the highest cause of death for children in the United States.

One of the times when children are most vulnerable is when they’re traveling to school or going home after class, sporting events/practices, or extracurricular activities. Because of the dangers they face during these times, it’s vital for parents to make sure they and their children follow as many precautions as possible.

To reduce the risks that your children face, follow these three tips:

  • Make sure they understand pedestrian safety.

If you live close to your children’s school, you may allow them to walk to and from class. Even if your neighborhood is equipped with crosswalks and sidewalks, it’s still vital to make sure that your children are well-versed in pedestrian safety. That includes rules like always walking on the sidewalk, never crossing the street outside of a crosswalk, always waiting for a walk signal, and obeying the crossing guard if one is present near the school.

  • Drive carefully if you take them to school or pick them up.

If you drive your children to school or pick them up, it’s important to always practices safe driving habits. Not only will following these habits reduce your risk of being involved in an accident, but it will also help set a good example for your children, making them more likely to be safe drivers when they get their licenses. Avoid speeding and distractions, reduce your speed in school zones, and always come to a complete stop at stop signs.

  • Teach your children bus safety.

If your children ride a bus to get to school and back home, you may be concerned about their safety. Thankfully, school districts have increased their emphasis on school bus safety in recent months. But you can still improve your children’s safety by making sure they understand how to safely board and exit their bus, when to cross the street to get to their bus or after being dropped off, and how to avoid creating dangerous situations while riding the bus.

At Matt Hardin Law, our Nashville pedestrian accident attorneys know that too many drivers throughout the city are impatient at school zones. And while they may add a few minutes to the morning or afternoon commute, they’re vital safety features for protecting children. To help keep kids safe, police significantly increase fines for drivers who are caught speeding, failing to stop at crosswalks, or driving while distracted or intoxicated in school zones.

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