Pedestrian Suffers Serious Injuries after Being Struck by Vehicle in Franklin

Posted in Pedestrian Accident,Personal Injury,Tennessee Accident Law on December 17, 2015

Pedestrian Suffers Serious Injuries after Being Struck by Vehicle in Franklin

A 48-year-old man was struck by a vehicle in Williamson County on Wednesday in the 1300 block of Murfreesboro Road.

WKRN.com reports that the accident occurred when the man, who is from Georgia, was walking double left turn lane by an SUV just after 7 p.m. Wednesday evening.

Witnesses say that the man was attempting to cross the busy and heavily trafficked street from the Best Western motel to a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant when the accident occurred.

After the man was struck by the vehicle, emergency responders were called to the scene and transported him to Vanderbilt University Medical Center to receive treatment. Franklin police reported that the man’s injures are significant, but he’s currently in stable condition.

Police officers who investigated the accident say they do not anticipate that the driver of the SUV that struck the victim will face charges for their role in the accident.

Tips for Staying Safe While Walking Near Traffic

Whether you walk as a means of transportation on a frequent basis or on rare occasions, it’s important to be aware of the dangers you may face when walking near areas with heavy traffic. All it takes is a driver looking away for a brief second to be struck by his or her vehicle, putting you at risk of suffering serious and even life-threatening injuries.

To reduce your risks of being involved in a pedestrian accident, do your best to follow these tips:

  • Use crosswalks to cross the street.

While using a crosswalk doesn’t completely eliminate your risk of being involved in a pedestrian accident, it can significantly reduce it. Crosswalks are designed to give pedestrians a safe area to cross streets when vehicles are stopped at red lights or stop signs, and they’re often well-lit, making it easier for drivers to see pedestrians. When using a crosswalk at an intersection, always wait until you get a walk signal from the traffic lights if they’re installed.

  • Wear bright and reflective clothing.

If you’re walking at night or during times of low visibility, it’s important to make yourself stand out as much as possible to drivers. Wearing clothing that features bright colors and reflective surfaces is an easy way to make yourself more visible to drivers even from a long distance. For added safety, carry a flashlight to both illuminate your path and to make your presence even more obvious to drivers who are approaching your location.

  • Put extra distance between yourself and the roadway when possible.

Whether you’re walking on a sidewalk, a shoulder, or even in the grass that’s adjacent to a roadway, always put as much space between yourself and traffic as possible. Walking close to the roadway puts you at higher risk of being struck by a vehicle, as a car that drifts offline by just a few inches can strike you at high speeds. The more distance that’s between you and oncoming traffic, the more time you will have to react to a potential accident and the less likely it is that you will be struck.

  • Avoid distractions while walking.

Everyone knows about the dangers of being distracted while driving, but being distracted while walking—especially when walking near traffic—can be just as dangerous. Never walk while listening to music and never walk while texting or using other electronic devices. Keep your eyes and head up and focused on the roadway in front of you at all times to remain aware of vehicles near your location.

Pedestrians are a common sight on roadways throughout Tennessee, and it’s vital for both drivers and pedestrians themselves to be as safe as possible to avoid causing accidents. As a pedestrian, being aware of the tips above can help you avoid being a victim of a pedestrian accident, but you should also be aware of the presence of pedestrians as a driver and give them plenty of space and the right of way at intersections and crosswalks.

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