Prominent Tennesseean Involved in Knoxville Car Accident

Posted in Car Accident on October 3, 2014

Earlier this week in Knoxville, Jim Haslam was involved in a three-car accident. “Big Jim” Haslam is the founder of the truck-stop chain, Pilot, as well as the father of two other prominent businessmen. His son, Bill Haslam, is the current Governor of Tennessee, and his other son, Jimmy Haslam, is the current owner of the NFL’s Cleveland Browns.

my-mercedes-headlight-585163-mAccording to a report by one news source, Mr. Haslam’s 2014 Mercedes was headed westbound on Lyons View Pike when he unexpectedly crossed the center line. Upon entering the oncoming lane of traffic, Haslam collided with a Toyota Highlander, which then ended up crashing into a utility pole.

Haslam’s Mercedes then drifted back into the westbound lane and crashed into a retaining wall. Shortly thereafter, a PT Cruiser ran into the back of Haslam’s Mercedes. Both Haslam as well as the driver of the Highlander were taken to the hospital by ambulance with non-life-threatening injuries. They are both expected to fully recover.

Police are currently looking into how the accident may have occurred.

Negligent Driving Responsible for Another Serious Accident?

While the exact cause of the accident is still under investigation, absent any evidence to the contrary, it seems as though this was a result of driver negligence. Barring some kind of immediate health or mechanical problem, it is very unlikely that a car accident like this would occur without some negligence on the part of the driver unexpectedly crossing the center line.

When a car crosses the center line and passes into the lane of oncoming traffic, there is often very little that cars in that lane can do to avoid a collision. Even if the other driver did see the car crossing into his lane, often vehicles traveling towards each other on the highway are doing so at high speeds, providing little time to make a decision. Moreover, on some highways there is literally nowhere for a car to go when another car is occupying its lane of travel.

Tennessee Car Accident Liability

When these kinds of preventable accidents occur, the injured parties may want to seek compensation for their injuries from the person responsible for causing the accident. Tennessee permits such lawsuits through what is called the tort of “negligence.” Negligence lawsuits allow for the innocent victims of another’s negligent behavior to recover monetary damages for their injuries, once they can prove that the defendant’s negligence is what caused their injuries.

Have You Been Injured in a Tennessee Accident?

If you or a loved one has recently been involved in a Tennessee car accident, you may be entitled to monetary damages based on the other driver’s negligence. In many cases, however, insurance companies are involved and bring along a team of skilled attorneys to defend their clients. When this occurs, plaintiffs can often be caught off guard and may end up making unneeded sacrifices because they don’t know better. Don’t take the insurance company’s word. Contact an attorney of your own who will fight for your right to recover. Call 615-200-1111 to schedule a free initial consultation today with a dedicated and experienced Tennessee personal injury attorney.

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