Public Transit Van Involved in Serious Accident in Cookeville

Posted in Bus Accident,Car Accident,Personal Injury,Tennessee Accident Law on April 27, 2015

Public Transit Van Involved in Serious Accident in Cookeville

A public transportation van used by the Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency was involved in an accident with another vehicle near the intersection of Willow Avenue and Newman Drive in Cookeville, Tennessee, on Thursday.

According to a report by the Herald-Citizen, the accident caused multiple people in both vehicles to suffer serious injuries and to require transportation to and treatment at a local hospital.

There is currently no word on the health of the victims of this accident or what caused the wreck to occur.

The Cookeville car accident lawyers at Matt Hardin Law hope the victims of this serious accident are able to recover quickly and completely from their injuries.

What Should You Do after an Accident Involving Multiple People?

Single-vehicle car accidents are stressful enough, but car accidents that involve multiple vehicles and multiple victims can be extremely difficult to handle—especially if some of the victims include your family members and loved ones.

If you’re ever involved in an accident involving multiple people, do your best to follow the tips below to protect your health and the health of others:

  • Move your vehicle unless someone is severely injured.

If your vehicle is in the middle of the street and in danger of being struck by oncoming traffic, it’s best to move it as soon as possible to the shoulder of the road or a safe area away from other vehicles. However, if someone was seriously injured in the accident, stay where you are. Moving the vehicle can cause their injuries to get worse.

  • Call 911 right away and wait for emergency medical services to arrive.

The best option for treating yourself or your loved ones after an accident that caused serious injuries is to wait for trained professionals to administer aid. However, if you’re trained in first aid and CPR, you can make a difference by applying tourniquets to victims with severe bleeding and doing chest compressions on victims that aren’t breathing.

  • Tell the emergency responders which victim has the most serious injuries.

Like the triage system used in emergency rooms around the world, first responders will also treat victims in order of the severity of their injuries. If you know which victim experienced the most severe injuries, tell the 911 dispatcher as well as the paramedics when they arrive at the scene of the accident. Seconds count when it comes to serious injuries, and the sooner victims can receive treatment, their better their prognosis will be.

  • Go to a hospital after the accident if you didn’t receive treatment at the scene.

In accidents with serious injuries, EMS workers and paramedics will spend their time and resources on helping those with life-threatening injuries and keeping them stable. That means you and some of your loved ones who suffered less severe injuries may not receive treatment at the scene. However, you should always see a doctor after a car accident regardless of whether or not you believe you suffered serious injuries. Car accidents can often cause internal injuries and even internal bleeding that may not be apparent without a doctor’s diagnosis and evaluation.

Being involved in a car accident where multi people have serious injuries can be among the most traumatic experiences you’ll ever face, but staying calm and calling for help immediately can improve the prognosis of all victims.

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