Semi-Truck Catches on Fire, Delays Traffic on Interstate 40 in Cookeville

Posted in Tennessee Accident Law,Truck Wreck on September 22, 2015

Semi-Truck Catches on Fire, Delays Traffic on Interstate 40 in Cookeville

A tractor-trailer burst into flames while traveling near mile marker 283 on Interstate 40 in Cookeville, Tennessee, on Monday.

According to a report by the Herald-Citizen, the incident caused serious delays for morning commuters and resulted in the Cookeville Fire Department sending out two units to extinguish the flames.

The incident occurred around 5 a.m. Monday morning and it took emergency responders more than one hour to put out the fire.

A spokesperson for the CFD said that when units arrived on the scene, they found the cab of the tractor-trailer was completely engulfed in flames. A preliminary investigation revealed that the fire started in the truck’s engine bay. The truck was hauling foam roofing materials when it caught on fire.

As firefighters worked to get the blaze under control, the Tennessee Highway Patrol closed I-40 to traffic to keep drivers away from the fire and to give the emergency responders time to work.

Commuters who use I-40 in the mornings reported that traffic backed up all the way to the Baxter exit, but one lane of the interstate reopened around 8 a.m.

Common Causes for Interstate and Highway Closures

Having to take an alternate route or detour can be a major inconvenience, but it’s almost always for good reason. When a highway or interstate is closed in the mid-state area by the Tennessee Department of Transportation or the Tennessee Highway Patrol, it’s usually due to a few common factors, such as:

  • Serious accidents involving two or more vehicles

Accidents involving multiple vehicles that cause significant damage and serious injuries can result in emergency responders deciding to close some or all of a highway or interstate as they work to treat the victims and clean up the wreckage. In some cases, these closures are to allow helicopter ambulances to land and transport victims to nearby hospitals as quickly as possible.

  • Truck accidents involving large amounts of debris or harmful cargo

Many truck accidents have the potential to close all lanes of a highway or interstate, even if there’s only a single truck involved. Because of the large amounts of debris that can enter the roadway after a truck accident, safe passage through the affected stretch of highway can be impossible until emergency responders clean up the wreckage. In addition, large sections of roadways can also be closed if a truck is involved in an accident while carrying cargo that’s harmful or toxic.

  • Road repairs and maintenance

The highways and interstates in Middle Tennessee see huge amounts of traffic on a daily basis, and hundreds of thousands of vehicles use them to commute in, around, and through the area each year. Over time, those roadways require repairs ranging from patching potholes and repairing guardrails to repaving entire stretches of roadway and replacing bridges. Routine road maintenance is one of the most common reasons that highways and interstates are closed in the mid-state area, and being aware of those closures ahead of time can help save you time on your morning or evening commute.

The Cookeville car accident attorneys at Matt Hardin Law know that road and lane closures can be frustrating and annoying—especially if you’re in a hurry to get to work or get home after a long day. But those road closures also help protect drivers, either by keeping them out of harm’s way after serious accidents or by making sure the roadways they use on a daily basis are well maintained and safe in all driving conditions.
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