Semi-Trucks Banned from 51st Avenue in West Nashville

Posted in Car Accident,Tennessee Accident Law,Truck Wreck on June 15, 2017

Nashville’s Metro Traffic and Parking Commission voted unanimously to ban semi-trucks that weigh more than four tons from using 51st Avenue in the western part of the city.

Per a report by WKRN.com, the ban is due to major changes occurring on 51st Avenue that will transform it into a road that includes bike lanes, crosswalks, parking spaces, and a turning lane.

A Metro councilwoman told reporters that the goal for the road is to make the area feel more like a neighborhood.

Most of the trucks that used the road were traveling to and from petroleum companies in the area, and the ban will be enforced in the name of safety.

The councilwoman says that the trucks must pass through two school zones and four pedestrian crosswalks, creating a potential safety issue—especially as the trucks were hauling containers full of gasoline.

In addition, she also said that improvements to the road will last longer without constant wear and tear from the heavy 18-wheelers driving through the area every day.

Tips for Driving through Pedestrian-Friendly Areas

There’s a growing demand in many neighborhoods in Nashville to make roadways more pedestrian and bicyclist-friendly and accessible. As more residents choose to live in areas that are easily walkable, the number of pedestrians increases. That means drivers must be more cautious when passing through these areas, as they’re more likely to encounter people in or near the roadway.

To decrease your chances of being involved in an accident while driving through a pedestrian-friendly area, do your best to follow these tips:

  • Reduce your speed and drive cautiously.

Pedestrian-friendly roads almost always have speed limits that are lower than other roads. Reducing your speed to at or below the speed limit not only prevents you from getting a citation, but it also significantly reduces your chances of striking a pedestrian or bicyclist.

  • Always yield to pedestrians, even outside of crosswalks.

Although pedestrians are supposed to only cross the street at crosswalks, that doesn’t always happen—especially in areas with businesses on both sides of the road. Always be aware of pedestrians standing near the roadway and be prepared to slow down or stop if they begin crossing, even if they’re not near a crosswalk.

  • Avoid crowding bicyclists.

Roads with plenty of pedestrians are also popular with bicyclists. Never drift into bicycle lanes, whether you’re traveling in a straight line or preparing to turn. And if you’re driving on a road without bike lanes, make sure you give bicyclists plenty of room. Crowding them can cause them to lose control or get clipped by your vehicle, putting them at risk of suffering serious injuries.

  • Never pass stopped school buses and MTA buses.

School zones and bus stops are common throughout Nashville, including pedestrian-friendly areas. Always reduce your speed when driving through school zones and obey the commands of crossing guards. When driving behind school buses and MTA buses, come to a complete stop when they stop to pick up or drop off passengers, and never attempt to pass them.

As a pedestrian or bicyclist, you can also decrease your chances of being involved in an accident by avoiding distractions, wearing brightly colored and reflective clothing, utilizing bike lanes and crosswalks, and looking both ways before crossing the street.

The Nashville pedestrian accident lawyers at Matt Hardin Law appreciate the efforts that are being made throughout the city to make roads safer for pedestrians and bicyclists. However, we also know that safety requires the cooperation of everyone who shares the roads. When drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists avoid distractions and follow traffic laws, the risk of accidents can decrease significantly.

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