Several Vehicles Involved in Accident on Interstate 24 West in South Nashville

Posted in Car Accident,Personal Injury,Tennessee Accident Law on December 13, 2015

Several Vehicles Involved in Accident on Interstate 24 West in South Nashville

An accident in South Nashville involving at least four vehicles resulted in multiple people suffering serious injuries and the Tennessee Highway Patrol closing all westbound lanes of Interstate 24 early Friday morning.

According to reports by wkrn.com and wsmv.com, the accident occurred near the Briley Parkway exit on I-24 in South Nashville just before 5 a.m. The accident involved four or more vehicles, and one of the vehicles collided with a median north of Harding Place.

Multiple drivers or passengers suffered serious injuries in the crash, and two ambulances were reported to have arrived at the scene to transport victims to local hospitals. However, none of the victims suffered life-threatening injuries.

Emergency responders were able to clear the accident scene and reopen all lanes of I-24 West to traffic by 7 a.m. Police are still investigating the accident to determine what caused it to occur.

How Can Police Determine Who was At-Fault in a Multi-Vehicle Accident?

Although there are exceptions, determining who is at-fault after an accident involving two vehicles is often a straightforward process—especially if one driver failed to yield or clearly violated a traffic law before the accident occurred. However, when an accident involves three or more vehicles, the investigation may become more difficult.

Police can use the following information to determine who may have caused a multi-vehicle accident when they are completing an accident report:

  • Collecting statements from witnesses and victims

Interviews with both the people who were involved in the accident and people who witnessed the accident can be invaluable for police when it comes to finding out who was at-fault. Although victim and witness statements aren’t always 100 percent reliable, getting the story from several people can help police paint clearer picture of the events that led up to the crash.

  • Reviewing traffic camera footage

If the accident occurred within view of a traffic or surveillance camera, police can review the footage to determine which driver initially caused the accident. Things like switching lanes without signaling, following too closely, speeding, or aggressive driving can all be determined by viewing footage of the accident.

  • Analyzing the crash scene and vehicle damage

Accident scenes can leave behind many important clues as to who or what caused a car crash. Things like skid marks, scattered debris, and damaged objects nearby, including trees, guard rails, street lights, and other items can help police determine the sequence of events that caused a chain-reaction crash that involves three or more vehicles. Analyzing the damage on the vehicles that were involved in the accident can also be helpful.

  • Determining whether any of the drivers were distracted or intoxicated

Impaired driving and distracted driving are two of the primary causes of car accidents in Middle Tennessee, and police will make an effort at the crash scene to determine whether any of the drivers involved in the accident were either under the influence of alcohol or drugs or using electronic devices while behind the wheel.

  • Factoring in weather conditions at the time of the accident

Although weather conditions can make roads more dangerous for drivers, that doesn’t always absolve drivers of responsibility if they cause accidents. Police can investigate accidents and determine whether a driver failed to reduce his or her speed or exercise proper care when driving on a roadway that’s slick due to rain or ice.

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