Speeding Truck Rolls Off Tennessee Road Around Tight Curve

Posted in Truck Wreck on September 11, 2014

tanker-truck-reflection-395160-mEarlier this week in Crockett County, a tanker-truck carrying thousands of gallons of water rolled off the road when the driver attempted to negotiate a tight curve at too high a speed. According to a report by one local news source, the truck had just finished making a delivery when it rolled off the road, landing upside-down in the brush on the side of the road.

Evidently, the accident took place on Old Mounds Road, in Friendship, Tennessee. As the truck came around the corner, the water in the truck’s tanks shifted, throwing the truck off the road.

Those who are familiar with the area told reporters that it is likely that the driver is not familiar with the area, since the corner is one that could easily be taken too fast if the driver didn’t know better.

Nearby residents were the first on the scene, and reported that the upside-down cab had been entirely crushed by the weight of the truck. They talked with the driver to keep him conscious until emergency crews showed up to extricate him by using the jaws of life.

The extent of the driver’s injuries are not currently known. Residents in the area told reporters that they are not surprised that such an accident happened, since there is no sign indicating that there is an approaching tight curve.

Semi-Trucks and Small Roads Don’t Mix

This accident seems to have been caused by a semi-truck driver who was unfamiliar with the road he was traveling on. Despite his unfamiliarity, the truck driver was traveling at a speed that was too fast for the road, which ultimately led to the truck accident.

Truck drivers all have a duty to operate their rigs at a safe speed, regardless of the roads on which they are traveling. This may mean traveling below the posted speed limit in some situations, such as when a driver is unfamiliar with the road, or when the road is narrow and presents tight corners that are difficult to navigate at higher speeds.

Luckily, aside from the driver, no one was hurt in this accident. However, that is rarely the case with semi-truck accidents. Most often, even if the accident initially only involved one truck, other motorists get caught up in the accident somehow.

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