TDOT Closing Dangerous Lane on I-40 in Mt. Juliet during Heavy Rainfall

Posted in Car Accident,Personal Injury,Tennessee Accident Law on September 10, 2015

TDOT Closing Dangerous Lane on I-40 in Mt. Juliet during Heavy Rainfall

The Tennessee Department of Transportation closed a dangerous lane on Interstate 40 in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, after three separate accidents occurred during heavy rainfall, and the agency plans on continuing to close that lane until it is made safer for drivers.

According to a report by wsmv.com, more than 30 crashes have occurred in a single lane of I-40 near mile marker 226 in Wilson County due to a design flaw that occurred when the road was widened.

A spokesperson with the Mt. Juliet local government said that people in the city expect to see wrecks on that stretch of I-40 every time it rains. A TDOT spokesperson said that while there’s currently no fixed date to fix the dangerous lane, the agency is attempting to expedite the process to fix it as quickly as possible.

Until the road is fixed and made safer during inclement weather, the agency recommends that drivers pay close attention to signs in the area that indicate when the road may be at its most dangerous or when the affected lane is closed.

Tips for Driving When Roads are Slick or Wet

Although certain stretches of road can be more dangerous than others during inclement weather, all roads have the potential to cause accidents when they’re slick due to ice and oil or wet due to heavy rainfall. To stay safe in these situations, it’s important that drivers follow a few basic safety rules, such as:

  • Drive below the speed limit

Speed limits are created with ideal conditions in mind. But when the pavement is slick or wet, driving at or slightly above the speed limit can be highly dangerous. Whether you’re driving in a snowstorm or rainstorm, reduce your speed significantly by 10 mph or more depending on the flow of traffic and the severity of the weather conditions. Reducing your speed gives you more control over your vehicle and makes you far less likely to be involved in an accident.

  • Avoid sudden stops or slamming on your brakes

Although modern vehicles are equipped with anti-lock brakes, driving during inclement weather that gives your tires little to no traction can still cause you to lose control over your vehicle during sudden stops or decelerations. If you anticipate having to stop or slow down, take your foot off the gas and allow your vehicle to begin coasting to a stop or to reduce its speed gradually as you approach the intersection, stop sign, or turn.

  • Steer away from large puddles or deep water

Some roadways are prone to accumulating large amounts of standing water during heavy rainfall. Most passenger vehicles aren’t equipped to drive through large puddles and deep water, as those conditions not only make them more likely to spin out, but they can also cause the engine fail if it gets flooded. If you see large amounts of standing or running water in the roadway ahead, do your best to avoid that area by switching lanes or taking an alternate route to get to your destination.

Throughout the last 20 years, the Mt. Juliet car accident attorneys at Matt Hardin Law have handled countless car accident claims for victims throughout Middle Tennessee, and we know that many of those accidents were caused due to negligent driving and bad weather or road conditions. That’s why it’s so vital for all drivers to be extra cautious and mindful of their safety and the safety of others when driving during inclement weather.

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