TDOT Selects 15 Finalists for Safety Message Board Competition

Posted in Car Accident,Tennessee Accident Law on February 24, 2017

TDOT Selects 15 Finalists for Safety Message Board Competition

After receiving more than 2,000 submissions while the contest was open to the public, the Tennessee Department of Transportation has selected 15 finalists for its safety message board contest.

Per a report by WGNS Radio, the contest began in late January. TDOT’s website allowed members of the public to submit witty and informative messages relating to various aspects of driving safety, including seatbelt usage, impaired driving, distracted driving, speeding, and aggressive driving.

The winning messages will be displayed throughout the year on dynamic message boards located on highways and interstates in Tennessee. TDOT operates 177 of these message boards in Tennessee, and they’re designed to alert the public about things like crash incidents, lane blockages, traffic backups, hazardous road conditions, and Amber Alerts.

Beginning in 2012, the signs were also used to display the number of roadway fatalities in the state while comparing those numbers to the previous year’s number of road accident deaths.

Voting for this year’s message board contest ends at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 7. The winner will be announced on Monday, March 13. You can view the 15 finalists and place your vote by visiting http://www.tn.gov/tdot/article/dms-contest.

Last year’s winning entry was: “Turn signals – the original instant messaging.”

How Do Road Signs Promote Safety?

Whether it’s a stop sign, a one-way street sign, or an electronic message board alerting you of a major traffic backup ahead, road signs are essential parts of keeping roadways safe. As a driver, it’s important that you always pay attention to road signs. Failing to do so can put you, your passengers, and other motorists at risk.

Road signs are highly effective at making highways and interstates safer for several reasons, such as:

  • They indicate speed limits.

Driving at a speed that’s appropriate for a roadway or even a specific stretch of a roadway is a vital aspect of safe driving. Speed limit signs are posted at regular intervals on roadways throughout Tennessee to make sure drivers don’t travel too fast and put themselves and others at risk. In addition, special signs may be posted when road work is in progress. These temporary signs are designed to remind drivers that not only are fines increased for speeding, but that slowing down is essential for keeping workers safe.

  • They help prevent wrong-way accidents.

One-way street signs and wrong-way street signs are among the most important signs on roadways in Tennessee. Without these signs being highly visible and reflective—especially at night and during other times of low visibility—drivers are more likely to enter roads, highways, and interstates heading in the wrong direction. Wrong-way accidents frequently result in head-on collisions, which are among the most dangerous types of accidents.

  • They alert drivers of special circumstances.

TDOT’s electronic message boards aren’t just used for safe driving reminders. They’re also used to alert drivers of incidents that can put them at risk. For example, these message boards can be used to display alerts about thick fog, slick roadways, closed bridges, and forced detours—all of which require notice and planning to avoid an accident or to reconfigure a GPS system.

  • They alert drivers of specific risks.

Speed limit signs aren’t always enough to make sure drivers focus on safety and pay more attention to their surroundings. That’s why pedestrian crossing, animal crossing, and school zone signs are effective at getting drivers to proceed with caution through areas where accidents are more likely to occur.

At Matt Hardin Law, our Nashville auto accident attorneys know that many crashes could have been prevented if drivers paid greater attention to roadway signs. Whether a driver was speeding, driving in the wrong direction, or failed to yield at an intersection, simply following the directions of a nearby sign may have been enough to avoid the accident.

If you or someone you know was injured in an accident caused by a negligent driver, you may be eligible to pursue a claim for compensation. Our legal team knows that injured victims like you often face expensive medical bills that they can’t pay for—especially if they are too hurt to go back to work. Don’t let an accident that wasn’t your fault put you in a financial bind. Get in touch with our legal team today by dialing (615) 200-1111 or completing a free online consultation form.