Tennessee Highway Patrol Responds to 70+ Middle TN Accidents on Tuesday

Posted in Car Accident,Personal Injury,Tennessee Accident Law on February 11, 2016

Tennessee Highway Patrol Responds to 70+ Middle TN Accidents on Tuesday

Dozens of accidents were reported in Middle Tennessee on Wednesday due to the accumulation of ice and snow on roadways, and the Tennessee Highway Patrol says that many of them could have been prevented if drivers were more cautious.

According to a report by WSMV.com, the THP responded to more than 70 accidents in the 12 counties near the Nashville area on Tuesday. Of those accidents, 50 involved property damage and 22 involved drivers and passengers suffering injuries. In addition to the reported accidents, there were 21 calls for assistance from drivers who were stuck or stranded due to the ice and snow.

A lieutenant with the THP says that many of the accidents that occurred on Tuesday were due to drivers being impatient and not adjusting their speed and other driving behaviors despite the inclement weather and dangerous road conditions.

The accidents in Middle Tennessee caused by slick roads continued into Wednesday, with emergency crews being called to pull the doors off of a disabled vehicle to rescue the driver and a Metro police officer’s cruiser being damaged while he was responding to a crash scene.

THP’s Top 4 Mistakes Drivers Make during Winter Weather

A THP spokesperson told reporters that many of the winter weather accidents in Middle Tennessee are caused by drivers making four crucial mistakes behind the wheel, including:

  • Not adjusting speed when the roads are dangerous

The THP says that many drivers maintain the same speed when it’s 20 degrees and icy as they do when it’s 85 degrees in the middle of the summer. Because winter weather often causes delays, many drivers attempt to increase their speed to make up for lost time. However, speeding is one of the most common causes of car accidents when roads are slick and icy, and drivers should always slow down and anticipate the threat of black ice forming on roadways.

  • Following other vehicles too closely

Following too closely is always a dangerous driving habit, but it’s even more risky when roads are slick due to snow and ice. Winter weather can make the movements of other vehicles unpredictable, and being just a few feet behind the vehicle in front of you can make it difficult or impossible to slow down or stop if the driver suddenly puts on his brakes. Always count off between two and three seconds between the time the vehicle in front of you passes a landmark and the time your vehicle passes the same landmark to achieve the proper following distance.

  • Braking too hard when trying to slow down or stop

Although anti-lock brakes are extremely useful for preventing brake lockups during inclement weather, they can still lose their effectiveness when there’s snow and ice on the ground if they are pressed too hard. It’s much safer and more effective during winter weather to reduce your speed by taking your foot off the accelerator and allowing your vehicle to begin coasting before you need to stop, slow down, or make a turn. When using your brakes, use light pressure to further reduce your speed.

  • Failing to buckle up

Seat belts are by far the most effective safety features in vehicles, and they save thousands of lives every year in Tennessee. Buckling up takes only a second, and it could save your life—especially when you’re driving during high risk scenarios like the aftermath of winter storms.

At Matt Hardin Law, our Nashville auto accident attorneys know that many collisions and injury accidents in the mid-state area are caused by careless driving habits and unnecessary risks. By following the tips above and placing safety above all else every time you get behind the wheel, you can dramatically reduce your risk of being involved in an accident no matter type of road conditions you encounter.

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