Top 5 Reasons to Call a Nashville Auto Accident Attorney

Posted in Car Accident,Personal Injury on November 12, 2014

If you were recently involved in a car accident, getting your life back on track can be difficult—especially if you suffered serious injuries and you’re too hurt to go back to work. Without the steady paycheck you depend on, your medical bills may start piling up and you may begin to feel overwhelmed.

At Matt Hardin Law, our Nashville auto accident attorneys understand what you’re going through. We’ve helped many people just like you get compensation and closure after serious car accidents, and now we want to put our experience to work for you, too.

Our Nashville Auto Accident Lawyers Work for You

When you contact our law firm after your auto accident, you can count us to provide you with caring and professional legal services for five reasons

  1. We’ll thoroughly investigate your accident.

Our attorneys understand all of the factors that cause car accidents, and we know how to analyze both the crash scene and your vehicle to help prove you weren’t at fault for causing the accident. And when we collect evidence of the other party’s negligence and create a detailed report of the accident, we’ll build a claim that the insurance company can’t ignore or deny.

  1. We’ll answer all of your questions.

Many people who were hurt in car accidents have never had to speak with an attorney before. At Matt Hardin Law, we understand that pursuing compensation for your accident through legal means may be an entirely new experience for you, and that’s why we’ll be there to answer your questions and address your concerns every step of the way. It’s our goal to never leave you in the dark about the status of your claim or the progress we’re making on getting you compensation.

  1. We’ll stand up to the insurance company.

Whether they work for your insurance company or the insurance provider of the other driver, insurance adjusters will review your claim after your accident and try to reduce your compensation or even deny your claim altogether. Our Cookeville auto accident attorneys will stand up to their tactics and build the strongest claim possible on your behalf.

  1. We’ll negotiate to get you the maximum settlement.

Even if the insurance company offers to settle, the money it offers is rarely enough to cover all your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Trying to negotiate with insurance companies on your own is often a losing battle, but the legal team at Matt Hardin Law knows their tactics, and we can fight to get you full compensation.

  1. We’ll represent you with no upfront fees or costs.

Don’t let fear of attorney’s fees discourage you from calling our law firm. We provide our experienced and trusted legal services on a contingency fee—that means you only owe us money if we get money for you. It’s our goal to do everything in our power to help you move forward with your life after your accident.

To contact the Murfreesboro auto accident lawyers at Matt Hardin Law, dial 615-200-1111 or fill out a free online form today.