Two Industrial Trucks Collide in Clarksville

Posted in Personal Injury,Tennessee Accident Law,Truck Wreck on December 22, 2014

Two Industrial Trucks Collide in Clarksville

Two large industrial semi-trucks collided last Friday afternoon in Clarksville, Tennessee, on Ft. Campbell Blvd near Gate 1.

According to a report by The Leaf-Chronicle, a Budweiser Yuengling truck left Gate 1 around 1 p.m. when it collided with a truck hauling a grain bin trailer.

Clarksville Police Lt. Steve Warren said the accident caused fuel and beer to leak from the trucks, which created hazardous conditions on the highway. The Budweiser truck was drivable and able to be moved from the scene without assistance, while the grain truck required a wrecker in order to be removed from the street.

Lt. Warren stated that neither driver is known to have suffered injuries in the accident.

Because of the accident, Ft. Campbell closed Gate 1 and all six lanes of Ft. Campbell Blvd. Traffic was backed up for hours as the accident scene was cleared, and vehicles were only allowed to travel slowly through the scene using emergency lanes.

The Clarksville truck accident lawyers at Matt Hardin Law are grateful that no one was seriously injured in this accident and we hope that both drivers are able to get back to work as soon as possible.

How Can You Avoid a Truck Accident?

While a single big truck poses serious dangers for drivers, the damage and injuries can be significantly worse when two or more big trucks are involved in an accident. As a driver, you can help keep yourself and your loved ones safer on the road when driving near areas that see big truck traffic by keeping the following tips in mind:

  • Never get between two big trucks.

Because big trucks have so many blind spots, it’s important to always give them plenty of room on the road. This is especially important when two or more big trucks are near you on the highway or interstate. Getting in boxed in by big trucks is dangerous, as you may be unable to see the road ahead of you and any trucks behind you may be unable to slow down if you have to decelerate.

  • Never pass between trucks.

Trucks sometimes take up multiple lanes on the highway or interstate without leaving other drivers enough room to pass. Although you may be tempted to overtake one of the trucks to pass the bottleneck, driving between trucks is always dangerous—even if you think you have plenty of room. It’s best to be patient and let one of the trucks overtake the other or exit the interstate before trying to pass.

  • Never drive in truck-only lanes on the interstate.

On many interstates with areas of elevation change, there may be truck-only lanes due to their slower speeds while climbing the hill and increased braking difficulty while going down the hill. If you see a truck-only lane, make sure you stay out of that lane whenever possible—especially in downhill sections of the interstate. Big trucks weigh too much and have too much momentum when traveling downhill to stop if you’re forced to suddenly decelerate.

At Matt Hardin Law, our Clarksville truck accident attorneys know that a single truck can be dangerous for drivers—but multiple trucks can increase that danger exponentially. That’s why we recommend all drivers give trucks as much room as possible and drive as safely as possible to avoid accidents. Trucks steer and accelerate differently than standard passenger vehicles, so it’s important for all drivers to be cognizant of these differences every time they take the road.

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