Wet Roads Cause Driver to Be Ejected after Vehicle Hydroplanes, Strikes Pole

Posted in Car Accident,Personal Injury,Tennessee Accident Law on April 1, 2016

Wet Roads Cause Driver to Be Ejected after Vehicle Hydroplanes, Strikes Pole

A man suffered serious injuries after he was ejected from his vehicle in Maury County, Tennessee, Thursday.

According to a report by WKRN.com, the accident occurred in Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee, on North Main Street when the man’s vehicle began to hydroplane due to wet conditions on the roadway. After the man lost control of his vehicle, it struck a pole near the roadway, causing him to be ejected and suffer serious injuries.

Emergency responders transported the man to Vanderbilt University Medical Center to receive treatment, and his current condition is unknown at this time.

Police are still investigating the accident and haven’t released the man’s identity, but say that weather played a role in causing the crash. No additional information about the accident has been released.

5 Important Reasons to Always Wear a Seat Belt from the CDC

Wearing a seat belt is required by law in the state of Tennessee. That means that anyone who is caught riding in a moving vehicle without being buckled up—whether they’re a driver or a passenger—can face a ticket and a fine. But wearing a seat belt isn’t just about obeying traffic laws—it’s also about protecting yourself from serious and even life-threatening injuries in the event of an accident.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has collected data over the years on the effectiveness of seat belts, and its findings show that buckling up is one of the most important things you can do when you get in a vehicle. The next time you’re traveling in a car, truck, or SUV, remember these five facts about seat belts:

  1. Most of the drivers and passengers who die in car accidents are unbuckled.

The CDC found that 53 percent of all drivers and passengers who died as a result of car accidents in 2009 weren’t wearing their seat belts.

  1. Wearing a seat belt reduces the risk of injury and death during accidents significantly.

All car accidents have the potential to cause serious injuries, but wearing a seat belt decreases your chances of being severely or fatally injured. People who are buckled up during accidents cut their risk of death by 45 percent and their risk of serious bodily injury by 50 percent.

  1. People who aren’t buckled up are 30 times more likely to be ejected during car accidents.

Accidents that occur at high speeds or involve your vehicle flipping or rolling over can put you at a high risk of ejection, which significantly increases your chances of suffering life-threatening or fatal injuries. In fact, around 75 percent of people who are ejected from vehicles during accidents die from their injuries.

  1. If all drivers wore seat belts, 4,000 lives would be saved every year.

Car accidents happen every day, but every driver and passenger on the road can reduce his or her risks by always buckling up. The CDC’s research found that seat belts saved around 13,000 lives every year, and if every driver and passenger buckled up, an additional 4,000 lives would be saved annually.

  1. States with primary enforcement laws have nearly 10 percent higher seat belt usage rates.

With campaigns like “Click It or Ticket,” law enforcement agencies in many states are cracking down on drivers and passengers who don’t buckle up. Studies show that their enforcement efforts are working, as states with strong seat belt law enforcement programs have around 10 percent more people buckled up on the roadway at any given time.

Although modern vehicles have a large number of safety features, none are more effective at saving lives and preventing serious injuries than seat belts. Make it a habit to always buckle up every time you get behind the wheel or ride with someone as a passenger, and make sure that everyone who rides with you buckles up as well. Doing so will not only prevent you from getting a ticket, but it can also save your life.

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