Wrong-Way Accident in Bellevue Causes Major Traffic Delays on I-40

Posted in Car Accident,Personal Injury,Tennessee Accident Law on October 26, 2015

Wrong-Way Accident in Bellevue Causes Major Traffic Delays on I-40

A collision involving a box truck and a passenger truck in the early morning hours on Monday on Interstate 40 in Bellevue backed up traffic for several hours during rush hour.

According to a report by wkrn.com, the accident occurred around 2 a.m. in the westbound lanes of I-40 near the Old Hickory Boulevard exit. Metro Police officers who responded to the accident scene say that the driver of the red passenger truck was heading in the wrong direction when his vehicle collided with a box truck.

Witnesses who saw the truck heading in the wrong direction reported it to Metro Police, but their officers were unable to stop the vehicle before it collided with the box truck. The driver of the passenger truck suffered serious injuries as a result of the accident and is currently hospitalized, while the driver of the box truck suffered minor injuries.

Due to the impact of the collision and the clean-up process, police closed the westbound lanes of I-40 for several hours this morning and diverted traffic to the off-ramp.

After a preliminary investigation, police say that neither drugs nor alcohol appear to be factors in causing the collision.

What Are the Primary Causes of Head-On Collisions?

Head-on collisions are the worst fear of many drivers. Because they involve two vehicles striking each other in a manner that generates tremendous force upon the drivers and passengers, victims of head-on collisions often suffer serious and even life-threatening injuries. The best way to reduce your risk of being involved in a head-on collision is to be aware of the most common causes of these types of accidents, which include the following circumstances:

  • Wrong-way collisions

As the story above highlights, the victims of wrong-way collisions—which frequently involve two vehicles colliding head-on—often suffer serious injuries due to the extreme forces generated during the accidents. Wrong-way collisions frequently result when a driver enters an interstate or highway and travels in the wrong direction, or when a driver turns the wrong way down a one-way street.

  • Crossing over dividers in the road

Many roads in Middle Tennessee have just a single yellow painted line dividing opposite directions of traffic. All it takes for a serious head-on collision to occur is a driver momentarily losing control of his or her vehicle due to distractions, fatigue, or inclement weather. Winding, curved roads put drivers at the highest risk of head-on collisions, especially if the road narrows at any point in a curve. That’s why it’s important for drivers to always reduce their speed when navigating tight turns.

  • Turning left without a left turn signal

Turning left at an intersection should only be done when there are no vehicles approaching from the opposite lane of traffic or the traffic light displays a green left turn signal. Attempting to make a left turn when traffic is still moving in the opposite direction can be extremely dangerous and even result in a head-on collision, especially if your view is obstructed. If in doubt, always delay your turn until you get a left turn signal.

Statistically, head-on collisions are among the most dangerous for drivers, but following traffic signs and staying cautious before turning can significantly reduce your risk of being a victim. In addition, it’s also important to immediately contact police if you see a wrong-way driver. In many cases, police and state troopers can stop the driver before he or she strikes another vehicle.

If you or someone you love was injured in a wrong-way or head-on collision, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your accident-related expenses. To find out how our Nashville car accident attorneys can help, contact Matt Hardin Law today by dialing (615) 200-1111 or filling out a free online consultation form.