Dangerous Weather Conditions Contribute to Fatal RV Accident on I-75 Near LaFollette

Posted in Car Accident on March 19, 2015

A 69-year-old Virginia man tragically lost his life earlier this month after he lost control of the motorhome that he was driving on Interstate 75 and crashed near LaFollette, Tennessee. According to a local news source, the man was driving the RV southbound on I-75 while towing another vehicle through snowy and slushy conditions when he lost control and the vehicle crossed the median and rolled on its side, coming to a stop in the northbound lanes.

Another car traveling northbound was unable to avoid the RV and crashed into it. The other vehicle contained two occupants who were treated and released with minor injuries. The wife of the driver of the RV, who was asleep in a bed in the back of the motorhome when the crash occurred was also injured, though she has been treated and released.

prairie-roads-759198-mThe Danger of Driving in Bad Weather

It appears that the slippery road conditions played a large role in the accident earlier this month. Drivers must be especially cautious when the roads are slippery or wet or if there are other inclement weather or visibility conditions, and must conform their driving habits accordingly. Slippery roads and low visibility make it more difficult to drive safely, and already dangerous drivers can become outright deadly when road conditions worsen. Drivers are responsible for driving safely and considering the road conditions. They can be held accountable for traveling dangerously fast and causing a car accident inTennessee without ever exceeding the speed limit. In the case of the accident earlier this month, the fact that the RV was towing another vehicle further increased the danger, and the driver needed to be especially cautious of the road conditions.

The Importance of Proper Equipment

Tennessee state law requires vehicles to be properly equipped to safely travel the state roads. Drivers are responsible for the equipment on their vehicles and must ensure that they are in compliance with applicable laws. If an accident occurs in wet weather and it is revealed that one of the vehicles involved was using tires that were worn dangerously low or headlamps that weren’t working correctly, for example, that driver could be cited and held financially responsible for the accident without full consideration of the actual cause of the accident. Because of this, it is essential for drivers to keep their vehicles and equipment in safe repair, especially when the weather conditions are less than ideal.

Responsibility in Weather Related Accidents

Inclement weather conditions not only cause more accidents, but also can make it more complicated to determine fault and liability after an accident. A variety of factors can play a part in which drivers are found at fault for an accident. If one or more driver is issued a citation by law enforcement after an accident, that does not necessarily mean that the same driver will be held responsible for the damages in a civil lawsuit. A skilled Tennessee personal injury attorney can perform a much more detailed investigation, while attorneys working for auto insurance companies make a living by helping their clients avoid responsibility for accidents. An accident lawsuit can get surprisingly complicated very quickly, and details that often appear small or insignificant can make the difference between a fair award and receiving nothing at all.

Have You Been in an Accident?

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