Four Women Injured after Being Struck by Memphis Police Cruiser on New Year’s Eve

Posted in Pedestrian Accident,Personal Injury on January 27, 2015

Four women who were visiting Memphis from out of town on New Year’s Eve had a traumatic night after they were hit by a Memphis police officer while they were crossing the street just after midnight on January 1, 2015. According to an article from CBS affiliate WREG in Memphis, the women were crossing Beale Street outside a crosswalk in Memphis when they allegedly crossed into the path of the officer’s vehicle and were hit by the car. All four of the women who were hit were hospitalized with injuries. Three of them remained in stable but serious condition as of the date of the article’s publication.

police-cruiser-1066864-mThe Harms Caused by Auto-Pedestrian Accidents in our State

Tennessee auto-pedestrian accidents result in many injuries and deaths in our state each year, and government officials have been doing all they can to reduce the risks that pedestrians face when crossing Tennessee roadways. It is important for pedestrians to pay attention to roadway lighting and to use crosswalks, especially at night. Although it is illegal for pedestrians to cross a street away from an intersection or crosswalk if one is nearby, Tennessee law requires that drivers do their best to avoid pedestrians, even when the pedestrian is jaywalking or in the road illegally.

Pedestrians Crossing Roadways away from Crosswalks

Authorities are still investigating the cause of the New Year’s Eve accident, and no determination of fault has been handed down. Although it appears pedestrians crossing outside an intersection would not be protected by the law in the event of a collision, there can be more factors at work than it first appears.

Drivers who hit pedestrians, even when a pedestrian has no right of way, are still held civilly responsible for the injuries under some circumstances. If a driver was intoxicated, drowsy, or had forgotten to put his or her headlights on, that driver could be held responsible for the costs related to the injuries that were caused in the collision.

Improperly Maintained Equipment also Contributes to Accidents

Faulty or improperly maintained equipment on a vehicle involved in an auto-pedestrian accident can also cause a driver to be held responsible for hitting a pedestrian. After an accident between a vehicle and a pedestrian happens, it is important for an independent investigation to occur into the factors that resulted in the accident. Often, drivers will try and conceal an equipment violation or hide their negligence immediately after an accident. Accident victims need legal experts on their side from the beginning to give them the best chance of getting the compensation they deserve.

Should You Contact an Attorney?

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