Gospel Musician Killed in Alcohol-Related Head-On Crash near Nashville.

Posted in Car Accident,Drunk Driving on January 22, 2015

A 41-year-old gospel musician from Brownsville, Tennessee was killed last week in a head-on collision on Interstate 65 near Old Hickory Boulevard in Nashville. According to an article from BG Daily News, the musician was killed when a 38-year-old woman was driving her Cadillac Escalade on the wrong side of the interstate while drunk. The woman crashed head-on into the Chevrolet Corvette that Mr. Campbell was driving. Michael Campbell was pronounced dead on the scene. An investigation into the surrounding circumstances of the accident is ongoing.

a-beer-in-a-pub-1171697-mDrunk Driving Laws in Tennessee

The woman who caused the fatal accident last week had her blood drawn after the accident and was found to have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) that was substantially above the legal limit of .08%. According to the article, she was arrested and booked for Vehicular Homicide by Intoxication and Vehicular Assault.

In addition to the significant criminal liability that the woman is facing, she may also be held civilly responsible for the damages related to the accident. If a driver in Tennessee causes an accident while intoxicated that results in the or injury or death of another person, he or she can be held financially responsible for the damages caused by the accident. Accident victims can be compensated for medical and funeral expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, worsened quality of life, loss of companionship, and other damages.

Drunk Drivers Should be Held Responsible for Their Reckless Actions

Drunk driving is one of the leading causes of roadway fatalities in Tennessee and across the nation as a whole. In fact, many thousands of drunk-driving-related injuries and deaths could be prevented if the intoxicated driver had never picked up the keys. The laws that allow drunk drivers to be held responsible for the damages related to their poor decisions are enforced as a way to help victims recover from an accident, as well as a way to discourage drivers from getting behind the wheel when they are intoxicated.

When a drunk driver does cause an accident that results in expenses and losses, the victim can pursue a Tennessee personal injury lawsuit against the responsible parties and get the compensation he or she deserves. Contact a dedicated Tennessee personal injury attorney to learn more.

Have You Been in a Tennessee Auto Accident?

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