Tennessee Highway Patrol Reports Increase in Eastern Tennessee Traffic Deaths in 2014

Posted in Car Accident,Personal Injury on February 6, 2015

The Tennessee Highway Patrol released a report last month with traffic death statistics for the year 2014. Although the total number of fatalities in the state has gone down compared to 2013, the 11 counties in East Tennessee that make up the Knoxville district saw 164 traffic-related deaths in 2014, 13 more fatalities than in 2013. Authorities are analyzing the statistics by county to see patterns and reasons for the fluctuations. According to an article on knoxnews.com, the Highway Patrol is in the process of implementing an integrated system to track and predict dangerous crashes and hopefully reduce the number of deaths in future years.

crashed-car-1148745-mWhat Caused the Spike in Fatal Accidents?

A spokesman for the Tennessee Highway Patrol stated that the primary reasons for the increase in fatalities in the region are an increase in distracted and intoxicated driving, as well as passengers’ failure to wear seat belts. State authorities are hoping that, by studying the patterns of traffic accidents and educating the public on the risks of dangerous driving through increased involvement with the media, they can protect drivers. Unfortunately, no level of police involvement can completely eliminate injuries and deaths from Tennessee auto accidents, and drivers must be more cautious than ever when considering the apparent increase in negligent driving on roads in eastern Tennessee.

The Consequences of Drunk Driving

Drunk and intoxicated drivers cause thousands of accidents on Tennessee roads each year, many resulting in serious injuries and deaths. In Tennessee, a driver is considered intoxicated when they are found to be in control of a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08% or greater. The decision to get behind the wheel while intoxicated can result in a driver facing criminal charges for DUI, or worse if other violations are committed or a victim is injured or killed in the crash. In addition to potential criminal penalties, drunk drivers can be held financially responsible to the victims of an accident by pursuing a Tennessee personal injury lawsuit that is filed in state court.

To prove that another driver is responsible for the damages relating to an auto accident, a plaintiff must prove that the driver was negligent, and that the negligence is what ultimately caused the plaintiff’s injuries. Negligence can be very difficult to prove in auto accidents, since the events happen in seconds, and there are usually many differing accounts of what happened. When a driver is intoxicated and involved in an accident, it is easier to prove their negligence. Drunk driving laws are in place because drinking is known to impair perception and judgment and to increase the risk of accidents, so it is more likely that a driver is ultimately responsible for an accident if he or she was drunk while involved in a crash. Because of this, victims of accidents caused by intoxicated drivers should always contact a knowledgeable legal advocate to help understand their rights.

Have You Been Injured in a Car Accident?

If you have been injured or if a loved one has lost their life in a drunk driving wreck, the Tennessee accident attorneys at Matt Hardin Law can provide you with comprehensive legal services in your case. We will walk you through the legal process and help you make a decision to resolve your case and get you back in the position you were before the accident occurred. There is no reason to let a negligent driver make your life more difficult than it needs to be. Fill out a web form or call us at (615)200-1111 to schedule a free consultation with Matt Hardin Law today.

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