Share the Road Safely and Effectively with These Tips

Posted in Car Accident on March 5, 2018

When you get behind the wheel of your car, you have two things on your mind: getting to your destination and avoiding accidents. The first goal is straightforward, especially if it’s a familiar location. But the second goal is far more complicated, as you have to contend with hundreds, if not thousands of other drivers… read more

Car Accident Statistics All Tennessee Drivers Should Know

Posted in Car Accident on February 15, 2018

Every time you get behind the wheel of your car, truck, or SUV, you know there are risks involved. It’s common to see accidents during your daily commute to and from work, and you read about crashes or see them on the news. You may have even been involved in wrecks in the past. But… read more

The 10 Biggest Post Car-Accident Mistakes

Posted in Car Accident on February 15, 2018

If you were just involved in an auto accident, you’re dealing with pain, possible disability, and an uncertain future—especially if you’re too hurt to go back to work. To make matters worse, you may already be dealing with the insurance company and its team of adjusters who will use every trick in the book to… read more

5 Things All Drivers Should Know about School Zones in Tennessee

Posted in Bus Accident,Car Accident on January 31, 2018

Per a report by Clarksville Now, the Clarksville Police Department recently received several calls and complaints concerning drivers who violated traffic laws in school zones or while driving near school buses. At Matt Hardin Law, our Clarksville auto accident lawyers know how important school zones and school buses are when it comes to protecting students… read more

Common Auto Accident Injuries and How They Affect Victims’ Lives

Posted in Car Accident on January 31, 2018

At Matt Hardin Law, it’s our goal to stand up for the rights of people who were hurt in car accidents that weren’t their fault. Even minor crashes can result in debilitating injuries, and our Nashville auto accident attorneys have seen how those injuries can change lives forever. Victims may suffer profound losses personally, professionally,… read more

10 Things to Know about Winter Weather and Its Effects on Roads

Posted in Car Accident on January 16, 2018

Winter weather caused numerous wrecks throughout Middle Tennessee on Friday, and temperatures are expected to remain below freezing for the next several days. Inclement weather is one of the biggest contributing factors to accidents, especially winter weather. When ice and snow accumulate on roads, they become slick, causing tires to lose traction and brakes to… read more

Tips for Avoiding the 4 Most Common Car Accident Causes

Posted in Car Accident on January 10, 2018

At Matt Hardin Law, we’ve investigated, analyzed, and built claims for many types of car accidents. Our own research on the most common causes of car accidents aligns with the facts presented by national and state agencies, including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Tennessee Highway Safety Office. Although car accidents can seem… read more

How Does Car Maintenance Factor into Safe Driving?

Posted in Car Accident on December 28, 2017

Thanks to the efforts of police and safety-focused organizations, the basics of safe driving are well-known by almost everyone in Tennessee. They include things like never exceeding the speed limit, never getting behind the wheel while intoxicated, and never driving while distracted. But there’s another key factor in driving safety that’s often overlooked: vehicle condition…. read more

What Are the Dangers of Drunk and Impaired Driving?

Posted in Drunk Driving on December 28, 2017

Drunk and impaired driving is an epidemic on Tennessee roadways, but it receives even more attention around the holidays. That’s because many people get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol and exceeding the legal limit of blood alcohol content (BAC), which is 0.08 percent nationwide. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that nearly… read more

What to Expect after an Auto Accident

Posted in Car Accident on December 22, 2017

Being involved in an auto accident may be one of the most traumatic experiences of your life. Car accidents are loud, shocking, painful, and even life-threatening, and they’re something that victims aren’t quick to forget—especially if they suffered serious injuries. At Matt Hardin Law, we know that the initial shock and pain of car accidents… read more