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A speeding vehicle traveling in the northbound lanes of Interstate 65 in Nashville left the exit ramp before crashing into a tree line and overturning, causing its driver to suffer fatal injuries and two passengers to suffer serious injuries. reports that the accident occurred near the Dickerson Pike exit at around midnight. Information released by the Metro Nashville Police Department indicated that the driver was speeding in the northbound lanes of I-65 in his Nissan Maxima prior to the vehicle leaving the roadway.

A Metro police officer saw the speeding vehicle and turned on his flashing lights, but turned them off after realizing the driver wasn’t going to slow down. By the time the officer reached the Dickerson Pike exit, he saw dirt in the median and vehicle parts.

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Teens can now sign up for a free driver awareness class that will be held in Nashville on June 10.

Per a report by, the course is open to all high school-aged teens, regardless of where they live. In addition, teens who participate aren’t required to have active driver’s licenses or permits.

Metro Nashville Police say that the course won’t focus specifically on operating vehicles, but will instead focus on safety issues such as impaired driving, distracted driving, and traffic safety tips.

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A car was struck by a truck at the intersection of Bell Road and Mossdale Drive in Antioch on Thursday morning, causing two people to suffer injuries.

Per a report by, the impact of the collision caused the car to be pushed 35 yards before it left the roadway and ended up in a nearby tree line. The driver of the vehicle left the scene, and Metro police say that he or she was likely to have suffered serious injuries during the crash.

Two passengers in the vehicle were transported to local hospitals, and one was reported in critical condition. Police are still searching for the driver, and they also say that the vehicle that he or she was driving may have been involved in multiple hit-and-run accidents earlier that evening.

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Pack Your Vehicle with These Emergency Supplies to Avoid a Winter Weather Crisis

The first major round of snow and ice has reached the Middle Tennessee area, and road crews are busy salting Nashville’s highways and interstates. If you must get out and drive after snow and ice accumulate on the roadways, you’re not only at a higher risk of being involved in a car accident, you can also be at risk of being involved in an emergency if you get stuck or stranded far from home. reports that AAA and American Red Cross published a list of items that all drivers should have in their vehicles to stay safe until help arrives if their vehicles become disabled or stuck in snow. And as many drivers in the South know, it’s not always deep snow that causes vehicles to become stuck, as winter weather can result in miles-long traffic jams that last for hours or even days.

A spokesperson with Nashville AAA says that people often think about driving during winter weather the same way they think about it on normal days, but weather can change fast and people should be prepared for worst-case scenarios.

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Wrong-Way Accident Injures 6 near Downtown Nashville

A vehicle traveling in the wrong direction on Interstate 40 in Nashville resulted in a head-on crash and six people suffering injuries near the downtown area early Wednesday morning.

According to a report by, the accident occurred just after midnight when a vehicle entered the interstate traveling in the wrong direction near Lafayette and Fourth Avenue.

Shortly after the vehicle entered the interstate traveling in the wrong direction, it collided with another vehicle that was carrying four passengers—a man, woman, and two children—near Second Avenue.

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Nashville Man Suffers Serious Injuries after Being Struck by Vehicle

A Nashville man was struck by a vehicle and critically injured Sunday night.

According to a report by, the accident occurred around 8 p.m. when the driver made a right turn onto Murfreesboro Pike from Millwood Drive. As the driver was completing the turn, she noticed the man standing in the roadway in the path of her vehicle and said she was unable to avoid striking him.

Truck Accident on I-40 Kills 1, Bus Accident on I-24 Injures 1 on Thursday

Two serious accidents occurred on interstates in Middle Tennessee on Thursday.

The first collision between a bus and two passenger vehicles on Interstate 24 Thursday morning in Clarksville, Tennessee, left one person injured.

Nashville Man Strikes Tow Truck Driver with His Vehicle

A 52-year-old man faces vehicular assault charges after striking a tow truck driver with his vehicle after the operator was attempting to tow it Saturday evening in downtown Nashville, Tennessee.

A report by states that the man got in his vehicle and drove it off the tow truck. The vehicle was originally picked up by the wrecker due to being illegally parked in a lot downtown.

Nashville Man Strikes Two Police Officers with His Vehicle

Nashville Police arrested a man after he struck two police officers with his vehicle, causing both to suffer serious injuries.

A staff report by states that the accident occurred when a detective with the Nashville Police Department was conducting a surveillance operation on Hampton Street when he observed a drug deal taking place.

Truck Driver Injures Pedestrian, Damages Home in West Nashville

The driver of a white F-150 pickup truck seriously injured a pedestrian and caused significant damage to a home after he slammed into the side of the building in Nashville, Tennessee, Monday morning.

A staff report by says that the driver struck the pedestrian around 8:30 p.m. Sunday evening near Charlotte Avenue. The victim suffered injuries and was transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center for treatment.

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